C&C4 is "PC-only," EA confirms - first shot released

Patrick Garratt of VG247 writes:

"EA has confirmed to VG247 that Command & Conquer 4 will not release on consoles.

No reason has been given for the decision to keep the game as a PC-only release as yet, but we've asked for official comment. We're guessing we're going to get something including the word "focus"."

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TheDeadMetalhead3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

My PC isn't powerful enough to run current-gen games, so I won't be able to play it.

This really sucks. >=/

kevnb3387d ago

ps3 and pc is the ultimate gaming combo.

JustinSaneV23387d ago

Best gaming combo? You people never cease to amuse me.

JustinSaneV23387d ago

And if you ask me, the best gaming combo would be owning all the gaming platforms so that you can enjoy what each has to offer.

IdleLeeSiuLung3387d ago

Neither is my PC, it has dual crappy GeForce 7600GS (for triple monitor support not really for gaming). However, I paid $60 each for those about 2-3 years ago.

PC games get no love for me, but I did buy two C&C games for the 360 at $10 each! I get tired of upgrading every other year, as i rather put that money into games.

Seferoth753387d ago

Upgrading every other year? Lmao.. SOmeone got fooled. I've had the same PC for 4 years now. Still plays current games. I guess it helps to actually be someone in the know when it comes to PCs. I really feel bad for people who get suckered into upgrades they dont even need because they dont know any better and I am sorry but if you were doing it every other year you just dont know any better.

lsujester3386d ago

Depends on HOW you want to play them. I don't imagine your four year old card will max out any new games. My 8800GT from two years ago is chugging on some now.

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Foxgod3387d ago

Cool, nice to see they are going all out with this game, and focus on the latest pc tech.

*Imagines what a game looks like that would take the full 100% of his i7920 with GFXT280.*

Raf1k13387d ago

Looks like you got yourself a pretty powerful PC there.
I doubt a game like C&C4 is going to push your hardware to 100%.

Foxgod3387d ago

think so too, but i hope they will come with games soon that will.
Next year i want a DX11 card, and i want to make a bit use of that 280 before i turn it into a physx card.

Major_Tom3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Ouch, why did you buy a GFXT280 lol unless your running 1680x1050 that's still not the proper card for your rez. Way better stuff out there for the money especially now, the 920 is okay too.

Lmfao why the hell are you gonna turn it into the a physx card lmao. Damn man waste of money and time.

Foxgod3387d ago

Well, i can use crossfire to make use of a dx11 gpu and the xt280, i believe when you do that your second video card will mostly do physx crunching.

Major_Tom3387d ago

Most games do the crunching for you like really the Havoc and PhysX comparisons speak for themselves and until they add it into an all in one package I say why bother.

Pandamobile3387d ago

Foxgod, you're mixing Nvidia with ATI here. And it's a GTX 280, not GFXT 280.

ATI cards (Radeon) use Crossfire, Nvidia cards use SLI (scalable link interface)

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Kamikaze1353387d ago

I really hope they reconsider =/

adsaidler3387d ago

dirt2 is being held back to take full advantage of directx11, now they're keeping C&C PC exclusive... looks like the PC is gaining some steam, i think it's only gonna get better as the graphic gap gets bigger between the PC and current gen consoles. i hope PC gaming gets more mainstream, PC hardware is dirty cheap nowadays

Jdoki3387d ago

Command and Conquer is one of my favourite game series. I'm glad they are focusing on PC this time.

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