Uncharted 2 Multiplayer: No Patches Allowed

PlayStation LifeStyle: "On tonight's episode of GameTrailers TV, Evan Wells and his team, Naughty Dog, revealed a surprisingly awesome fact about Uncharted 2's multiplayer mode."

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DJ3388d ago

Naughty Dog officially became my favorite developer. Guerrilla Games is gonna have to take the backseat. This is just too awesome.

ps3gamerkyle3388d ago

Yet still being updated? Wow!

menoyou3388d ago

Damn, Naughty Dog is amazing!

poopsack3388d ago

Hey, its not like they said the definitve no patches game.

jessehaysfl3388d ago

do patches really matter?

personally I've always been a fan they either fix broken content or add new stuff.....where is the downside to a patch?

Please don't say they take up too much time...they are almost always under 500mb with most being in the 15 to 25mb range....

ChozenWoan3388d ago


So no patches & No game installation!

ND just jumped to #1 on my fav dev list. They are truely leading the pack when it comes to game development on the pS3.

1. ND
2. MM
3. PD
4. GG
5. Insomiac

Blaze9293388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Wtf? I dont know why you got so many disagrees Breafast...well actually I do, we ALL do. I love how the comments make it appear as if Naughty Dog are the first people to do this and this should be praised. Bungie has been doing this since Halo 2.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm a big Uncharted fan as much as the next guy and can't wait for Uncharted 2 but come on now, no need to act like they are gods.

lloyd_wonder3388d ago

The fact that you even assume most PlayStation fans have even played or care for Halo was your first mistake.

And where is anyone saying ND was the first to do this? I find you 360 fans in a PS3 article trying to derail it with your petty nonsense funny.

Blaze9293388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

who said anything about playstation fans? Did I directly say that people were saying ND were the first to do this? And I'm 360 fan now? Must've assumed that, just like you assumed all the commenter praising ND are playstation fans. Thanks, didn't know that. I have a new classification now, yay! But wait...what do you call a multi-plat GAMER who owns a ps3 and xbox 360 and actively uses his PS3? A 360 fan still? Perrrfect.

Lol you're sad, THATS whats funny

DJ3388d ago

I still love Halo 2. It's still on my top list of FPS titles, just under COD4 and Killzone 2.

rockleex3388d ago

People are still happy for Naughty Dog.

In fact Halo was the first shooter game to include full replays of your matches, I think.

I'm just happy for Naughty Dog to include these features. Seeing as how Halo 3 is not my type of game(Halo 1 was awesome though), I'm glad someone else is finally utilizing these features.

Infinity Ward needs to add full replays too.

Arnon3388d ago

1. Team ICO
2. Sony Santa Monica
3. Naughty Dog
4. Media Molecule
5. Kojima Productions

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TheHater3388d ago

just wow.
Less patches = better for gamers

swiftshot933388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I cant imagine what kind of work went behind this, this is very innovative I have to say. This will have grow to be standard across all online games and Naughty Dog has done this with their first online multiplayer game.

Somebody give these guys a certificate, simply outstanding achievements and the games still has good time left before release.

Edit: Seriously sony just let naughty dog make the PS4. I am officially anticipating Uncharted more than GOW3. just wow @ everything!

Edit: @ Columbo
Did you watch the feature on spike? The guy said that they can change weapon layouts, item locations, even map structure to an extent all on the fly with just restarting the game. I havent played Halo 3 online too much but does that really happen? Also I remember a patch for Halo 3 for multiplayer at some point. If im wrong then oh well. Still ND FTW!

Columbo3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Halo 3 does this currently. Bungie is able to change the multiplayer playlists as well as weapon placements on the fly with no patches.

Its a very good feature, and I'm glad more games will take advantage of this. There is nothing worse than wanting to play your favorite game and having to waste time downloading patches.

ps3gamerkyle3388d ago

Really? I never knew that.

Columbo3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Yeah, playlists are updated every month and sometimes weapon layouts are changed too so the gameplay stays balanced, all without patches. They use patches when the new map packs come out so they are enabled in the level select, as well as 1 major v1.1 patch.

Naughty Dog is a great developer and are very community-driven. They'll do everything they can to support this game long after it launches. I'm glad they are working so hard to make this a GOTY contender. This game looks amazing and is definitely a day 1 buy! And yes, I stayed up and watched this GTTV episode.

I'm still wishing they'll make another Crash Bandicoot someday. :)

pixelsword3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Bungie, Epic, Guerrilla Games, Valve, Insomniac, Incognito, Sucker Punch, Ninja Theory, and Naughty Dog; my favorite existing devs.

TheIneffableBob3388d ago

Valve has this same system implemented in their games. I can only remember one time they've used it, though, and that was when people complained that the Half-Life 2: Episode One elevator battle was too difficult.

Foliage3388d ago

I dropped Halo pretty quickly because of lack of interest, but from your comments it seems what Halo offered and what Uncharted will offer may be very different.

Changing multiplayer playlists and weapon placements can be easily changed simply by updating an excel sheet. In the latest games I've worked on all these things were handled in an excel sheet, since these games were designed strictly for online play they were always updated on the fly. Uncharted on the other hand just might allow drastic changes like actual level edits and bug fixes. Although it is too early to tell since the comment was rather vague.

But much like Gears getting the misguided credit for "inventing the cover system", Bungie were not the first to do this either.

Anyway, if Naughty Dog has adopted the technology that was being built for R2 where major level changes were made on the fly, this is in a league way outside of what Bungie offered.

"They use patches when the new map packs come out so they are enabled in the level select, as well as 1 major v1.1 patch. "

So.... Halo did use patches? Again, it seems Halo could not updated more than small files containing only text on the fly. Unless you have something else to prove otherwise. Heck, the technology we were using sounds even more advanced than that, since we were changing game properties and introducing new features on the fly seamlessly.

Columbo3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

They said they could change objects in the foreground on the fly, not the background. That includes stuff like weapon placements and propane tanks. That doesn't mean they can change level geometry on the fly.

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spunnups3388d ago

Up until now, I didn't think that was possible.

LordMarius3388d ago

Good, it gets kind of annoying when I put in an old game and have to download all the updates

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