Official Nintendo Magazine review scores - First European Wii Sports Resort review

The latest ONM review scores are now available which includes the first European review of Wii Sports Resort.

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knox3388d ago

94%?? i think ill buy it


my baby sister just bought the wii and shes lovin it.Its casual games like these though, that really shine on the wii.

IQUITN4G3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

In fairness i think it was always going to get a score like this from Official Nintendo mag

I'm super hyped for this much more fleshed out experience however and it looks like i will be playing for a very long time

The flight mode alone was enough to warrant a purchase from me but others too like Archery, Ping Pong, Cycling, etc etc look like being extraordinary fun

The whole island appears typically Nintendo and has a charming connected alive feeling that will surely make for a fun time at the resort

IQUITN4G3387d ago

Thing is though, if played properly Resort wont be as casual as people are presuming - it looks to be quite substantial

If anything 360,PS3 games can be viewed as casual too as most people only ever play SOME of these games the once - finish the game and onto the next one and that's far more casual than what we have here in Resort

Quadrix3387d ago

How the hell did this score higher than Klonoa?