Dana Massey: The Myth of Role-Playing Servers

Soon after the first few MMOs trickled out the door, developers came up with something else, much darker, much fouler. They called it the Role Playing Server.

You've all heard of them. Almost every MMO has one. They're these special servers, with special conduct rules where people are supposed to play nice, leave the real world out of it and get really into their characters. It's a good idea and God bless the role-players out there who love them.

Impossible!But, I am here today to tell you something. These servers are a myth. They're not real. They're like unicorns and Playboy bunnies. They're an impossibility.

Now, before you say, this guy's crazy, I realize they in fact do physically exist. Yes, game companies build them and yes, players do log in to them.

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