(PSU) The Punisher: No Mercy Review

"In the world of comic books there are few popular heroes that carry as much grit and lack of general likability as The Punisher. Marvel's gun-wielding vigilante swears like a sailor and shows the mercy of an executioner. The comic book story of The Punisher reveals how Frank Castle turned into a crime-fighting machine, bent on waging a war on the mob.

Zen Studios' new arena-style first-person shooter, The Punisher: No Mercy, throws gamers head first into this comic book world. The PlayStation Network game's levels are dark and the action comes fast via the Unreal Engine. To set the mood, the story is told through well-crafted comic panels cut-scenes that tell a very loose narrative. The cheeky voiceovers function well to remind us that this is in fact a game based on a comic."

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