Interview - Splinter Cell: Conviction

At E3 2009, nobody with a pair of eyes could deny that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction looked utterly flooring – and it appears to play just as well. Sam Fisher is back and frankly, we're almost positive this will be his finest, most original adventure yet.

After an extended behind-closed-doors demo, IGN AU sat down with Conviction's Creative Director, Maxime Béland, for an in-depth discussion on where the game' concept began, where it's going, the level of immersion and a handful of very cool points on what still needs to be done before Maxime and team will be satisfied. He also drops a few hints about Sam's next steps after the E3 mission – so read on!

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KionicWarlord2223414d ago

"Yeah, the sticky camera is back – I know a lot of fans loved it, so now you're going to throw it and the camera's going to go into the sticky cam. What I love about the sticky cam is, yes it's an old gadget that we're bringing back, but it works so well with the Mark and Execute. Now you and throw it, mark enemies with it and then also mark the sticky cam and blow it up, so enemies don't find it! "

You cant have splinter cell without a sticky cam.

Game is being made by gods.

Applegate3414d ago

"At E3 2009, nobody with a pair of eyes could deny that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction looked utterly flooring"

Trying telling that to them PS3 loyalists.

cranium3414d ago

It's hard saying this without sounding like a fanboy, but Uncharted 2 completely wiped the floor with SC:C graphics-wise at E3. I guess that's why people don't really see this game as a graphics powerhouse.

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The Xbox Empire3414d ago

Chubear you've been on edge lately. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay in the open zone.

And yes this game is console Exclusive to Xbox 360, meaning it will not be available for PS3.

beans3414d ago

"but Uncharted 2 completely wiped the floor with SC:C graphics-wise"

Maybe in graphics if you prefer it's art style, but other than that SC wiped it in every other area.

StanLee3414d ago

I don't know why PS3 owners are content to wait 12, sometimes 15 months for a game to be released on their console. If I only owned a PS3, I would be very upset. By the time the game is released it has already been spoilt for me a hundred times over. Playing Bioshock 15 months later on the PS3 and having to pay the full retail price was asinine and not at all fair.

snotter3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Here are a couple of things:

1. Uncharted 2 DOES look better and has much better animations.

2. The only reason you guys want it is because it is console exclusive, you didn't care as much about splinter cell back in the ps2 era, and double agent was pretty bad.

3. You don't need an XBOX360 to play it.

Traveler3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Oh come on guys, Splinter Cell Conviction will be a great game, but cranium is right, Uncharted 2 wipes the floor with Splinter Cell in the graphics department. Most of the main sites gave Uncharted 2 best graphics/technical achievement of E3.

XboxUltimateAlliance3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Traveler what does this have to do with Uncharted 2??

2 weeks ago you were "I'm mister unbiased I loved my 360 and PS3", now seems you can't kiss enough PS3 ass and even lurk around Xbox 360 threads saying "omg Uncharted wipes teh floor in graphics" lol

Stay in the open zone or PS3 articles, no one cares for your opinions in a 360 article about Splinter Cell. I dont care about Uncharted as most the world doesnt. Its not even a big franchise many people know about and it has nothing to do with Xbox 360 or Splinter Cell.

Desperate Sony fans stop trolling every 360 article, its so boring now.

Traveler3414d ago

I guess that is just a function of the fact that there seems to be a whole lot of 360 fanboys in every article these days spouting a lot of nonsense. I do like both consoles, but I have never hidden the fact that I like the PS3 more. For someone like me that ownes a PC, PS3 and 360 the 360 exclusive lineup seems kind of weak. Microsoft need to bring more true exclusives to the 360 platform. That, and the hardware reliability issue are their two biggest weaknesses.

Anyway, it was that Applegate guy that made this into a fanboy issue. Don't call out PS3 fans in an article if you don't want PS3 fans to respond.

In any case, I don't think a fanboy as radical as you has much room to talk. You couldn't help yourself from taking a jab at Uncharted, could you. But I wouldn't worry about Uncharted. It's making a solid name for itself.

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Why dis3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


RockmanII73414d ago

doesn't this belong in the open fourm. Remember if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Grown Folks Talk3413d ago

Nobody cared about Splinter Cell in the PS2 era because compared to the Xbox versions, they were crap. Same reason Sony fans rave about Socom. Ghost Recon sucked compared to the Xbox versions as well.

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Whut3414d ago

ubisoft montreal keeps getting better and better by the year.In looking foward for this.

Atomic3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Ubisoft is definitely the most misguided developer in recent years
Assassin's creed
Far Cry 2
Prince of Persia
all those games have a major common flaw: the absence of compelling level design
Ubisoft forgot to hire level designers in their teams.

kaveti66163414d ago

Assassin's Creed is a sandbox game. I wouldn't expect you to understand what that means, but a sandbox game doesn't have levels. As for misguided, it's funny because all of the games you mentioned have gotten pretty decent reviews.

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