Five Ways Natal Will Ruin Halo

Natal may not be as great for Halo as one would think....

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Blaze9293391d ago

That was freaking hilarious.

cranium3391d ago

The drunk driving was the best! XD

Sk8boyP3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )


That was a funny video, but I'm sure people won't be using it for all games.

gamesR4fun3391d ago

yeh funny stuff

hoping well see the next gen motion controls soon still XD

ObviousTruth3391d ago

i didn't even chuckle. you guys are too easily amused.

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KionicWarlord2223391d ago


The cat was the best part.

GiantEnemyCrab3391d ago

I thought it was going to be serious and then I watched it.

Not bad, but probably better for Bad Joystick. Unless others disgree then I will remove my report.

JasonXE3391d ago

I think this one is ok for regular n4g and not bad joystick.


OMG What is left to hope for on the XFLOP?


Why did your MAMMA'S buy you FAILED product??? WHY!!!

FamilyGuy3391d ago

I wouldn't say hilarious but it made me smile and chuckle.
Is there a place on IGN where they keep all these funny/parody/whatever videos or do i have to hunt them down individually.

IGN should have a show, this is very similar to the antics of X-play and to a lesser extent AOTS.

DelbertGrady3391d ago

At least Natal is still being talked about in media. Can't say the same about the PS3 motion dildo.

vx3390d ago

on topic: IGN keep theses funny videos coming show how joke this Natal/milo is LOL

sunil3391d ago

hilarious... on a more serious note... personally i feel Natal will ruin Halo

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The story is too old to be commented.