Activision: Modern Warfare 2 was always ready for the 'Call of Duty'

The fact that "Call of Duty" branding was conspicuously absent from Modern Warfare 2's debut trailer and all subsequent promotional materials about the game seemed to declare clearly enough that the title had left the franchise's well-fortified nest. A fact that Activision seemed to acknowledge by telling us it "has taken on such a life of its own." So, imagine our surprise when the game's box art materializes ... with "Call of Duty" in the title.

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MGOelite3440d ago

i really hope this game fails and gets slammed by reviewers, im fed up of activision thinking they are the second coming of jebus christ

RememberThe3573440d ago

But I really want this game to own IW deserves it and Iwant to play an other great game.

The only thing I don't like about Activition is their CEO, who Howard Stringer (Sony Corp. CEO) basically laughed off the other day. With him gone, I think it would be a better company.

They should put one of the Blizzard guys in charge.

The Meerkat3440d ago

I'd rather have a new Call of Duty than a new Jesus Christ. A new Call of Duty wouldn't go about the middle east stirring sh!t up.

IdleLeeSiuLung3440d ago

I really don't know why people hate Activision so much....

Blaze9293440d ago

More like "Always ready" when they found out no one had a flying clue what the hell Modern Warfare was.

lloyd_wonder3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Meh. Another Call of Duty?

Renting for sure.

MGOelite3440d ago

the call of duty series is just becoming one of them things similar to that ginger step son who nobody loves and if it was legal they would be put down

NegativeCreep4273440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

LOL! Gingers have no souls!!!

MGOelite3440d ago

man that picture is effin disguisting

KilZoneGeneralStrife3440d ago

. . .they will release anything. . .and people will gobble it up. People drop $60 every time.

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