GameSpy: Battlefield 1943 Review

Battlefield 1943 is a great game and a fantastic value. It may not have a single-player campaign or a host of levels, but the content that it does provide is carefully made and really showcases the talent of DICE as a studio that knows how to create addictive multiplayer shooters. The formula it's created may be multiple years old, but DICE isn't just cashing in here; it's distilling its concept down to the core of what's important: fun.

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Tinted Eyes3387d ago

no lag when i played found a game in less than a minute it deserves th praise it gets

DlocDaBudSmoka3387d ago

could have easily cost $20 This is an awesome game price wise, not just price side all around. 15 is a steal.

jBat173387d ago

it's nothing special.

not really that fun.

demo does not have custom-soundtrack.

and sometimes you have to travel for a long while before you encounter an enemy -- which gets boring

at 15 bucks, it a fair deal, though