NCAA Football 10's Team Builder and Accelerator DLC Explained (be prepared to pay $$$ for a decent online team?)

UGO's Chris Plante writes,

"NCAA Football loyalists can expect to drop some dough next Tuesday when NCAA Football 10 hits shelves - on top of the sticker price that is.

The much hyped (deservedly so) TeamBuilder mode, a new addition to the series that allows players to design teams from the comfort of their web browser, will require players to pay a fee if they want to download more than 12 TeamBuilder teams from EA's server. Assuming the player purchases the game new."

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dktxx23386d ago

those "accelerators" are pretty stupid. just a way to make a quick buck off people's impatience, and takes away a skill from people who are good at recruiting. And i think that it should come with more than 12 slots from the get go. create-a-team was in Ncaa before, and honestly, team builder isn't such a big advancement over what it was before.

ARog343386d ago

...just robbing more money from people.

It started with Tiger Woods (oh wait, NFS: Prostreet) and now Madden? Ugh, I feel bad for the people that have no skillz and have to buy their way to the top.

Thanks EA Sports for the free PS Home space! :)