Giant Bomb: Trine Review

Every time you think about turning your back on the 2D action genre, a game like Trine comes along to remind you why this style of game still matters, and can still surprise you. The satisfaction of playing Trine hinges on a thorough physics model that touches every aspect of the mechanics, from the platforming and puzzle-solving to the combat, both melee and ranged.

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Darkfiber3440d ago

This game is amazing. Most fun I've had with a game in a while. Very entertaining and thought provoking, but never frustrating. This game is all about thinking your way through puzzles, but it's never annoying because pretty much any way you can think of getting through the puzzle will work. It's all about creativity and finding your own ways through the puzzles, there is never only one right answer, the answers to the puzzles are only limited to your imagination.