Magna Carta 2 Battle Digest Demonstrates Chain Combat

Siliconera Writes:Magnacarta 2's battle system is nothing like Manga Carta: Tears of Blood. To recap, players control three characters and fight monsters like this flame spouting creature in real time.

Each swing and spell increases a character's stamina meter. Take Crocell, the fire throwing mage, as an example. When his stamina meter fills up he needs to take a break, but you can immediately switch to another character like Juto with the D-pad.

While Crocell is resting Juto gets a chain combo bonus. If you can raise Juto's stamina meter and dish out a special attack before he runs out of juice you complete a "chain break", which instantly resets both character's stamina meters.

The chain break system is designed so you can relentlessly attack bosses down without resting, if you line up your attacks correctly.

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Sonyslave33389d ago

Damn this look awesome another jrpg for the 360.

-MD-3389d ago

Exclusives for us to enjoy :)

Chris3993389d ago

You really have to see this game in motion to understand how pretty it is.

Definite buy for me (not on merits of it's looks alone, it appears to be a really solid JRPG if you look at all the media).

Myst3389d ago

This looks like a pretty solid purchase for me, being that I just got my 360 yesterday can't wait to try this one out as well as get my hands on Lost Odyssey when I get the chance.

Homicide3389d ago

Looks good. The only thing I don't like is when the game zooms when someone executes a special move.

Does anybody know if we need to play the first one to understand the story for this one? I haven't finished Magna Carta yet because it sucks so much :(

Chris3993389d ago

Which is good, as the first one was pure $hit :)