Platform Nation: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Review

Platform Nation writes: "The online mode is a real step backwards from Rock Band. I ended up with a friend with no choice but to wait while the game attempted to find other players online. You also get stuck with your difficulty which means if someone else chooses a song you can't play on hard for example, you're stuck trying to play it until you get back to the matchup screen. RB allows you to choose difficulty after the song is selected, this seems a daft oversight on Beenox's part. Beenox are the studio that Neversoft farmed this game out to so they could concentrate on the multiple other releases this year. They have done a decent enough job but if you've played all these songs it's more like a going on vacation back to a place you went as a kid and finding it decidedly less awesome. Great songs, but you may have played them to death already. A lower price to reflect this game's second-string development would have been good. Rent it or wait for it to drop a little".

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