Gaming Age: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Gaming Age writes: "All together, this is a much better Transformers game than the previous movie tie-in, and probably the best Transformers title I've played on a console to date. The transformations themselves are smooth, and it's easy to transition between vehicle and robot mode, with a few actions tied into that for instant combat actions, or jumps. The environments look nice, and they scale well to the size of the Transformers themselves, which have some pretty detailed models too. The soundtrack is fine, but not particularly noteworthy, but the voice acting is well done, at least on the Transformers side of things. I'd definitely suggest checking the game out, at least as a rental, and I'm sure most will have some fun with it".

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redsquad3386d ago

Better than PS2 ARMADA??? May have to try it out after all!