UGO Games Editor asks for input in The Future of Video Game Reviews at UGO

UGO's Games Editor, and 1UP's Good Grief podcast host Chris Plante (former UGO games editor Russ Frushtick is now filling Steve Totilo's old role at MTV) is asking for input on game reviews. He writes,

"You may have read my attack on video game reviews and their almost inherent banality yesterday, a response to a post by Scott Jones over at Crispy Gamer. Thanks to Twitter, I've received some helpful feedback from you folks. Rather than leave the discussion as just that, a discussion, I figured the summer, with its sparse releases, would make for a safe experimental period, a time for UGO to redesign its game reviews, generally a pain to write and a snooze to read, as some of its best material."

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GWAVE3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Here's an idea: scrap the score system and go for a more customized approach. As in, if someone is reviewing Gears of War, the "score" might look something like this:

-Play this game if you LIKE 3rd-person action, over-the-top-violence, and Kill.switch

- Avoid this game if you HATE over-the-top violence, cheesy storylines, and short single-player campaigns

That way, the reader can read the review and the context of the review, not just a random, floating number ("okay, so it got a 9.43....does that make it BETTER or WORSE than Super Mario 64, which they gave a 9.44?")