10° Relaunches TheFeed Blog

Raymond Padilla writes:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, is proud to present an all-new version of TheFeed! As I've been hinting in various comments sprinkled throughout the site in the last week or so, TheFeed has all sorts of features ready to rock your face. The new goodies you'll be enjoying include:

* A new threaded comment system that lets you reply to and rate other comments
* A sorting system that lets you see comments by "oldest first" and "newest first"
* A new and improved video player to see all your favorite games in motion
* An improved screenshot-gallery system to look at your favorite games when you're suffering from motion sickness
* Support for Google's Chrome browser (A lot of you have been asking for this…hell, I've been asking for this!)
* Improved stability (Apple, Google, and Mozilla list this as a new feature all the time. TheFeed is going to do this too.)

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