The Portable Gamer Review: Sentinel 2 (iPhone)

TPG writes, "Following the critically acclaimed Sentinel: Mars Defense, Origin8 has created another masterpiece with Sentinel 2: Earth Defense. The game takes place two months after the failure on Mars. Reinforcements never arrived and all personnel were lost. In preparation for the coming attack, your dropship, Sentinel, has been upgraded with an arsenal of devastating weaponry."

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bgrundman3414d ago

Wonderful, another tower defense game... just what the iPhone needs :-S

Neco5123414d ago

you're bitter about iPhone and the style of games that's been coming out aren't you

Jinxstar3414d ago

I am a little bit as well... They are fine but they could be doing so much more

wondroushippo3414d ago

I agree with Jinxstar - it's a solid genre, it's just way overdone on the iPhone. How many TD games does one man need?

Neco5123414d ago

This game looks rad! I wanna check it out tonight

CrAppleton3414d ago

I'm with grundy.. this genre is getting over crowded..

darkroomdemons3414d ago

Meh. Enough. Gots to go play brickbreaker on my blackberry.