Nintendo Wii May Lose Dev Support To Natal

Now the current trend in the industry dealing with the Nintendo Wii is that most games unless their first party or EA sports active titles don't perform well on the system. This poses a problem considering game companies want a piece of the casual pie but they are having a hard time being successful with it.

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Natsu X FairyTail3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

lmao omg.

HHG always coming up with that BS crap.

common now. Wii wont lose no devs over natal.Everybody will have devs even ps3 will have devs for its motion thing. they'll all co-exist and both share a lame amount of shovelware!

Anubis3/Ninja bread thing HD graphics confirmed for Xbox360/PS3

Natsu X FairyTail3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )


HHG reads news on N4G and starts pooping out articles of that kind!

HHG says : "THQ announced that they are on board for day one release of the Natal which is a good sign for Microsoft and the support Natal will have bringing new experiences to the 360 platform"

In the same article I read the THQ news it was said

that THQ would be backing up BOTH natal and the PS3 thing on launch.

he ''forgot'' to mention this is guess.

I don't like you anymore HHG. I'll release a diss track against you soon.

egm_hiphopgamer3388d ago

Was up everyone now check this out. On the wii you have to sell between 500 thousand and a million for third parties to see a return back on their investment according to Reggie.

There's tons of games on the Wii that fall short of this goal and if those same games can possibly do better else where then it's a great chance that the Natal along with sony's magic wand will become more of a focus.

That's why i said the future of the nintendo business can become a little weak in terms of third party support because the companies that are benefiting the most with the wii is Nintendo themselves and EA.

This generation has shown us all that anything can happen, and along side of a horrible economy money is more in the fore front of business and risks are being less taken so yes if the Natal can provide a better experience and return from the investment then yes nintendo may lose some support not cause the companies don't like nintendo but because the companies have to survive and be more strategic with their business decisions.

SpoonyRedMage3388d ago

Yer but if they have to concentrate development on the HD consoles they'll have to bulk up the tech specs of it and that means they'll have to sell more.

Odds are that the Wii won't lose support but the PS3 and 360 will gain support so they'll be a lot of multiplatform shovelware.

Natsu X FairyTail3388d ago

hmmm yeah i get what your saying @ HHG.

ChickeyCantor3388d ago

developers will stay where they are.
The only way for MS to make Natal a hit is by marketing the hell out of it.

Nintendo pretty much made their name synonymies to motion controls.
(not saying they invented it)

But Nintendo with such a head start, I doubt MS will even crack a little from the audience that Nintendo holds.
If natal gets poor sales, why the hell would developers care about natal?

Mahr3388d ago

"On the wii you have to sell between 500 thousand and a million for third parties to see a return back on their investment according to Reggie."

"The fact is, there’s no single magic number that defines profitability for a game... It’s all based on the level of investment, based on the price point" - Reggie Fils-Aime.

sunil3388d ago

PS3 and Wii have similar motion controls - 360 does not... why would developers flock Natal if one size fits 2 approach can be followed (especially with Wii HD)

ape0073388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

wii is the king of casual games,no way anyone gonna stop supporting it,it's impossible to overlook 50 million wii out there,even if natal succeeded,it will not touch wii
THE REAL QUESTION SHOULD BE,will natal be able to sell 10% or even 5% of the wii's install base?? and will developers support it as the wii???

and remember hhg that natal is an expensive piece,let alone the price of the 360 itself and developing on wii is @ss cheap and wii has built a total world of its own with "WII",the look the name,do u think "natal" and it's wave gonna even touch the wii's NAME,I don't think so,I think ms will have an identity crises,please ms keep the hardcore gaming up,can't wait for convection,odst etc

hhg u just hate the wii so much,u just wish it fails,to be honest I can't stand the amount of casual crap it has but come on man,wii have amazing nintendo AAA exclusives,metroid,the unbelievable mario galaxy,the other M and some here and there

microsoft please give us some amazing and unique gaming moments with natal in hardcore games,natal has potential,just use it the right way please and god bless

Jockamo3388d ago sexy thaaang. I wanna do you.

N4g_null3388d ago

hiphopgamer how much does it take to make a return on the xbox 360? What are the current sales figures for casual 360 games? I mean has rare even sold any significant amount of games? Oh yeah when is it coming out? Has any one announced a real game using it yet?

Answer some of those question first. I mean yeah every thing makes sense when you don't think about it. Come on really?

On top of that natal on the xbox 360 could spell death to MS, why? Well lets say natal is a smash hit and every one loves it. Once the RROD happen you will not see a bunch of people buying new ones. They will have far more hate towards MS than normal gamers. On top of that you will get your HD hardcore game censored for the simple fact that a lot of the HD games are over the top gore wise.

Your current theory of blood equals hardcore will actually keep people with higher taste from buying an HD system simply because of that. You can say that the wii had games like this but hey they are not in the lime light like GOW3.

Nice try but no cookie man.

n4f3388d ago

well hhg dont forget that 360 and ps3 have to sell a higher amount to get cost company loss just to program the game some even went bankrupt (factor 5 and all that) whereas the wii well its cheaper to produce doesnt take that much to have a revenue heck so if you say that it only take 0.5m-1m then that every time when people say that a game fail really in fact it succeed and that 3rd party have a revenue

Product3388d ago


"That's why i said the future of the nintendo business can become a little weak in terms of third party support because the companies that are benefiting the most with the wii is Nintendo themselves and EA."

How many people will keep believing in this? How many studios have closed because of the Wii? Now how many because of the HD consoles?

Once motion controls gets to saturated (red ocean), Nintendo will just move on to another disruption. Simple business plan yet many websites haven't figured it out yet including yours.

HHG, you say "The Wii may lose some support which can be critical for Nintendo and the future of their business."

You do not understand what blue ocean strategy is and should look it up seeing as it answers that question.

I also like how the picture you provided for the ps3 wand isn't tracking correctly.

SinnedNogara3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

It might happen (probably not, Natal costs 500). I can't imagine hardcore gamers embracing Natal. Can you imagine Gears, Call of Duty, and Halo on the thing (watch the vid) It may become a way to get casual gamers on the system, BUT due to the pricing, I see Natal as a failure to the casual (price) and hardcore (lack of playability). If that happens, shovelware will be shared, because it will now be possible. I am hoping the Wii will start to get REAL games if Natal works for Microsoft and makes the 360 mainstream.

And this will happen....................

YoungJuvi3388d ago

That will never happen the Wii has the casual audience which the 360 and ps3 does not have.
And THQ Wii games are crap, the company that makes the most money off the Wii is EA, Ubisoft, Majesco and Activision when those company starts to focus on natal and ps3 dilmote then it might be possible.

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rucky3388d ago

This sh!t got approve in less than 5 mins? Someone's approving their own article.

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Gamer_Politics3388d ago

This dude is always spreading some none sense

Expy3388d ago

Natal won't work for games that require many commands. Try making your guy "jump" without controls, or even barrell-rolls or flips. You're going to get pretty bored of pointing with fingers or doing hand gestures after a while. At least the Wii has a command interface that allows for buttons and an analog stick.

I only see Natal as an interface with the operating system and not really gear towards big games. You'll probably see more Wii Sports-like games than anything else.

-EvoAnubis-3388d ago

The premiss is simply idiotic. The Wii's market is casual. The 360's market is not, which you can tell by the abysmal sales of their casual titles. 3rd party devs that make casual games for the Wii will continue to do so because that is where that market is. If anything in the EA Actice series were made for Natal, it would perhaps sell 10-15% of what the same title would have sold on the Wii, and would have cost less to make as well.

What a stupid idea. Who comes up with this stuff?

-EvoAnubis-3388d ago

Come to think of it, why the HELL is this in the PS3 section!?

sunil3388d ago

Microsoft is trying to push into the causal gaming market with Natal. You can seriously not claim Natal is going main stream to be used in hardcore games !

-EvoAnubis-3388d ago

Yeah, a $200 (at least) dollar system with an add-on that will go for at least $100-$150 just screams "casual" to me. Please. I doubt the Wii's usual market would even be able to get the goddamned thing set-up properly without assistance, lel alone be interested enough to pop the money for it. And God forbid they try to play a game online and discover there's a fee for that.

Interesting fantasy you've got going there. Good luck with that.

DaTruth3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

You're exactly right! $150 seems conservative, but it seems like MS is more concerned with winning a pissing contest than actually profiting so they will lose money and keep the price low.

I look at Natal like I look at Sony 3D; They showed it once at E3, give almost no information and we haven't heard anything since. Just showing it to create buzz, whether it's feasible or not and than just never bother with it, probably until next gen. And from everything we've seen, the thing doesn't work! "BAM, there it is!!!"

Also, it has no hardcore applications, so you can't really sell it to the core 360 audience and than you have to convince casual gamers to buy $400 dollars worth of equipment, something they were unwilling to do with the PS3!

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