Do You Remember Star Ocean 2?

Spawn Kill: K-Tuck looks fondly upon Playstation classic Star Ocean: The Second Story.

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Gue13392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Of course! That game was awesome unlike SOIII and SOIV...

tigresa3392d ago

Oh man. This just amped me up to go back and play the remakes I got for the PSP that I never finished. <3

GameGambits3391d ago

Star Ocean: The Second Story is still my favorite game of all time without question. I didn't bother with the remake after hearing some of the voice work they added in which kills it for me. They turned Claude from a cool voiced character into a whiny kid...why? I believe Celine also sounds like a MAN in the remake.

If something ain't broke then why fix it?

Snarkasaur3391d ago

I was wondering if those psp versions were just remakes. Might have to snatch them up. :x