PS Network hits milestone, PS3 upgraded to 1.7

GAMESPOT reports: 1.3 million users have downloaded 3.7 million content items via Sony's online service; new update adds downloadable PSone game support, rumble for USB PS2 accessories.

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Torch4203d ago

For those PSP owners who haven't read completely through the entire article, may want to note that a firmware version for the PSP has also been released, which alledgedly allows PSOne, PS2, and PS3 game saves onto the portable unit (for backup purposes, I suppose???)

nix4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

that's one of the reason i posted this news.. and ahem.. it's from gamespot! and just in case people start to feel good, gamespot reminds:

"Though off to a strong start, the PlayStation Network--which is free--still remains less popular than its older rival Xbox Live. Microsoft's online service started in 2002 as a pay-only service for the original Xbox, and has since involved into a two-tiered form--free (Silver) and pay (Gold)--for the Xbox 360 since November 2005. It boasts some 6 million users who have downloaded 25 million Xbox Live Arcade games from Xbox Live Marketplace."

LOL... a whole para dedicated to xbox LIVE. sigh! some site will never change! q:

lilwingman4203d ago

Wow, not bad at all. These look a lot better than the 600,000 numbers from earlier this week.

Bathyj4203d ago

I tried but it says I was still current with 1.6. We might have to wait a couple of days or something.

ErcsYou4203d ago

that means a third of all ps3 owners are online. so thats why i can play resistance online at 3am.

Arkham4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

1.3 millions already? That's huge. It took closer to 2 years for XBL to hit 1M subscribers. Granted, with all things considered it's not a 1:1 comparison, but it's still interesting.

XxZxX4203d ago

free vs non-free. I believe that's why, cant make any comparison. But if you want to, M$ actually made money out of XBOX Live, Sony a pure net lost.

SmokeyMcBear4203d ago

funny but those 6 million users also include the silver membership.. so i would assume the first 1 million also had that percentage of silver membership.

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