A baseball game for gamers - The Globe and Mail reviews The Bigs 2

From the Globe:

Every inning is crammed full of the sort of rare events that get saved for year-end highlight reels. In under an hour I saw all sorts of spectacular--and often amusing--plays, including a first-baseman climbing up onto a dugout roof to catch a foul, a ball that bounced off of a short-stop's glove and into the hand of a second-baseman, a home run so powerful that it put a small kink in a post holding up the stadium roof, and a third-baseman who got beaned by a line-drive.

What's more, most of these plays were preceded by fun little micro-games. My first-baseman was able to make that amazing catch because I pressed the A- and B-buttons at exactly the right time as horizontal and vertical lines scrolled past on a pop-up graph, and my third-baseman has that goose egg on his forehead because I failed to tap a trio of random buttons that appeared on screen a split second before the ball smote him.

These are the sort of activities that all gamers are familiar with and most enjoy, just placed within the context of baseball. They make the game feel more like a video game with a baseball vibe than a painstakingly accurate recreation of complex real-world sport crammed awkwardly into the digital confines of a video game. I liked it.

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