Diablo 3 Skill Trees Talents Preview - UPDATED

Diablo3x Update the Interactive Diablo III Skill Trees Talent Preview Builder (0.2)

This is an exclusive interactive preview of Diablo 3 Wizard & Barbarian talent skill trees. The preview shows how to build a Diablo 3 character when the Diablo III games come to beta stage.

Check the Diablo 3 Talent Skill Trees Builder:

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adsaidler3385d ago

i'm tired of this kind of diablo 3 news. just give me a freakin release date or stop with this crap

dreamtheater873385d ago

I suspect most ppl looking forward to D3 are excited about finally seeing some of the talent trees, I know I am. And this is a Blizzard game, therefore if you don't know patience then your going to be pissed off with "this crap" for some time yet :)

adsaidler3385d ago

dreamtheater, imo this news kinda spoils the game, at least i think it's way better to figure all this new stuff out by myself

Perjoss3385d ago

you're not forced to read any news stories, if you dont like the heading/title then steer clear of the story. I dont think I have opened and mass effect links since the one that announced it, i just dont care, as long as i know its coming thats all i need to know. If it takes a long time to come out, thats a good thing, games that are rushed out the door are almost always crap.

There is not even a release date for starcraft2, so asking for a date for D3 is not realistic.

kevnb3385d ago

Im already buying it and nothing can change my mind.

Guitardr853385d ago

Are the trees fake anyway? It seems like most of the tree icons are ripped straight from WOW! Plus, this isn't the official blizzard website anyway is it?