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knox3441d ago

this is a regular week to me, only two sstems changed positions

darthv723441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

PS3 went down 100+ and 360 went up 100+.
The surprising movers are the DSi and PSP. 6000+/- ea.
Wii 3000+, DS lite 2000+
PS2 up almost 200.

Funny how the only downer is the PS3. Why would it go down (not by much) when the others went up?

knox3441d ago

dunno but like you said it didnt change much anyway

Blogs4Fanboyzz3441d ago

but japan has slipped behind the uk now, and is no longer the second biggest market....and with numbers like that, i can see why.

SpoonyRedMage3441d ago

I wonder what it will look like next week... hehe. DQIX is going to be massive and I wonder how much it will push the DSi, especially with a new colour debuting on the same day.

knox3441d ago

yup, low numbers like always, but they are up a little from last week and yeah cant wait to see dqix come out

Gamer_Politics3441d ago

Well these charts just proves that Japan is no longer going to support the home consoles anymore..Handhelds are the strong hold over there

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