Akira Yamaoka talks about Silent Hill 5

In a recent interview with GamePro, Akira Yamaoka revealed a few of their plans for the next installment in Konami's popular Silent Hill series. Yamaoka producer the PC version of Silent Hill 3 and also worked as a sound director on the series.

According to Yamaoka, Silent Hill 5 will more or less resemble Silent Hill 2 " in the terms of the way the player is directed and the characters' behavior." There's also a strong chance that the game will be losing the camera angle used in Silent Hill: Origins. "I like it and agree with the choice for the [PSP], but I don't think that's the camera angle we want on a home console," said Yamaoka. "That way you don't see enough of the surroundings that really mean a lot to the player in Silent Hill."

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level 3604290d ago

Hope they could simplify the story which was more effective and very creepy like in the very first Silent Hill ( PS1 ), and then they could up-the ante on the puzzles, ghostly sounds and gore factor for the various un-godly creatures and special effects. Definitely take-out those dizzying camera angles which shifts a lot on ( Inner Fears - SH2 ). This game truly is the best in the psychological-horror genre.

NYG0094290d ago

Ive never played Silent hill before but if it comes out on the 360 i'll get it ,.. i aslo herd it is one of the scareist games you could ever play thats why i want to play it badly.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4290d ago

i`m hype to see what silent hill and fatal frame can do w/ the ps3.
hopefully some news will come at one of the game conventions.

Ru4290d ago

Silent hill is a Freeekin Ubelievable Game Series
The last one .... and the thing with tha .... Damn!
I cant wait till some actual screenshots and cutscenes start to emerge!

Havince4290d ago

was by far the best in the series, and i cant wait for the new psp silent hill, silent hill 5 should be amazing

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