PlayStation Store Update EU – 9th July 2009

EU PS Blog writes: "I know for many of you this week couldn't come soon enough (myself included), as this week sees the release of the brilliant Battlefield 1943. For those of you who enjoy a good session of online multiplayer shooter action, this is a great new addition to the genre, and set against such beautiful backdrops too."

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kharma453480d ago

BF 1943 and Ghostbusters are must downloads for me, along with FUEL.

Nothing else catches my eye.

The Hunter3480d ago

Not up yet :(

(In Holland)

xwabbit3480d ago

Don't dl fuel man lol, waste of time, but if u have super fast isp then do it cus ull dl fast even and wont waste much time. I personally didnt like it, but u can have diff likes :P

Skynetone3480d ago

the fact that its not cod4 is starting to annoy me

no indication of how you just died, asking me what character to change to every time you die is stupid, and why the stupid writing screen to look at while you wait to respawn, it should remain ingame until you respawn

a tank over my respawn point didnt help my experience

pianplay3480d ago

Not every game has to be like Cod4 :/

tdrules3480d ago

it sure isnt
it has planes, tanks, 4x4s, air raids, nicer explosions, better sounding guns.
oh and dedicated servers ftw

Skynetone3480d ago

cant lay down while you sniper, cant see any indication that ive actually made a hit, {yes i know im a bad shot} sniper zooms out before you can see what your shot did, {ridiculous] and why do i look like a dame womble running around, never seen a gun shake so much

Yipee Bog3480d ago

are you serious? have you ever played a battlefield game before? i havent played 1943 yet but if it is anything like bad company i will be more than pleased. loved everything about that game.

Skynetone3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Got the gold medal after five games ??????????

is it to much to ask to include a animation to flag down a passing team mate in a vehicle, or is that asking to much

ghostbuster is good, shame about the screen tearing, if it was 18+ game id certainly be picking it up

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Cajun Chicken3480d ago

Still no freaking Bomberman Ultra, what the hell SCEE?!?

Dante0073480d ago

I was waiting for it...

krisq3480d ago

I was worried there will be no DLC for skate but there it is :) Great update!

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