Champions Online Introduces Dr Moreau

Cryptic Studios has unveiled the latest villain in its upcoming superhero MMO, Champions Online.

Dr Moreau, is the grandson of the infamous Dr Henri Moreau from the HG Wells novel. Taking after his grandfather with a keen curiosity and interest for animal experiments and painful vivisections, he enjoys inflicting pain on creatures in his quest to create his own army of manimals.

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Maticus3441d ago

Pretty sick storyline behind this guy by all accounts.

Dorjan3441d ago

That's why he is a villian!

Malfurion3441d ago

Plenty of bad guys in this game.. I guess we get to kill them all?

Medievaldragon3441d ago

Pretty nice reference to The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells.

Leord3441d ago

Yes, pretty obvious :P

Leord3441d ago

Haha, classic! That's pretty cool :)

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