Exclusive Tales of Monkey Island Demo - Gorbush Thirftweed's Back!

UGO writes,

"Guybrush's adventures are of the point-and-click variety. I know that may scare off ye newcomers, so Telltale's been kind enough to fork over a special UGO branded demo. Go on, give it a download - walk the proverbial plank. It's the best 188MB you'll use all week, I promise.

What, you still need encouragement? Take a look at Justin Haywald's glowing Grade A review over at 1UP."

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4pocalyps33391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

i tried finding the previous games of this franchise on steam but can't find it...anyone know if it is even on there or am i wasting my time...?

EDIT: yh i remember playing them on my old pc, remember it being a pretty fun game as well. wouldn't mind buying it and replaying it.

Jinxstar3391d ago

They aren't.I'd expect them soon though. No reason not to cash in on them.