Forza 3: No weather, night or rally racing

Forza 3 might not include the above features, but it will include a hell of a lot more.

Turn 10 announced Forza 3 at Microsoft's E3 press conference with a short five second trailer, but then followed with incredibly impressive gameplay footage.

It's the first in the series to feature a cockpit view, and will include over 400 cars, many of which have yet to be announced.

There's been a few rumours that the game will also introduce a weather system, night racing and even off-road rally racing like Gran Turismo 5's inclusion of World Rally Championship.

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Syronicus3414d ago

Can you imagine what they would have to do to add more cars and more tracks for the off-road aspects? Sorry, but I will take it as it is and buy GT5 for the few things that Forza 3 will be missing. I just want to get in some more racing!

Rainstorm813414d ago

It looks like a great racing game for xbox but GT is and has always been in another league.

I always thought the compairisons were stupid but hey Turn 10 asked for it. Maybe they will learn to just focus on their own game and not the competitors.

The Xbox Empire3414d ago

Forza isn't GT and GT isn't Forza. Forza might not have rally and night racing but it will have many things and features GT5 won't have. They aren't trying to make the exact same game. lol

Hellsvacancy3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

But wot can Forza add that Gt hasnt already got? drink drivin perhaps

green3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

fully detailed vehicle undercarriage for cars and introduction of not just damage but full vehicle roll overs.

-Full vehicle engine,drivetrain,gearbox,igni tion,engine block and tires swap.Option to add superchargers,turbochargers or take it out to reduce weight.And also the freedom to tune even further each and every single aspect of the car from camber,tire pressure,roll bars,gear ratios,ride height,aerodynamics,springs,da mpers,braking pressure and differentials.

-Partnership with every major tire manufacturer from Pirelli,Avon,Yokohama,Bridgest one and Michelin to get fully detailed "Tire Flexing" data from them.(The 1st in a console racing game).

-Car paint customization and 2 auction houses for Cars/tuning and paint.

Major_Tom3414d ago

And yet the cars don't control nearly anything like their real life counter-parts.

The Xbox Empire3414d ago

Does GT have an online auction house with every motorsport part you could ever dream of? Customization of everything is a huge part of Forza and GT doesnt have anything remotely close. Car roll over and realistic damage that Forza has had since the first game? Tire flex which actually effects how the cars drive and the physics? Le mans 24 hour race in France? Rewind features if you mess up?

Turn 10 hasn't announced all the features yet(it was just announced at E3)...and specifically all the online/online trading features, there will be more. It's safe to say both will have features that the other game won't, it's 2 different teams making 2 different games.

Blogs4Fanboyzz3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

well said have a bubble.

hells vacancy: see the comment from in forza, you cant be in last place and ride every single car on a corner and end up in first place....just like you can in the real driving sim that is GT.

thas rite, its sooo much like real life. i always see the same thing happening in races. a car steams at full speed upto a corner, and just rides every other car into first place. heck, i even do it on the way to work when those pesky peons aint driving fast enough and i'm going to be late.

bottom line, forza and gt have turned into the new battleground for this ongoing nerd-war! i'm fortunate enough to have both consoles, and intend to buy both games. both look stunning, and both will be great without a doubt.

cant we just leave it at that?

quick kids, hit the disagree button, it's great when you do.

Hellsvacancy3414d ago

But all that bollocks would probably require a 3rd a disk :-P

The Xbox Empire3414d ago

"And yet the cars don't control nearly anything like their real life counter-parts. "

Says who? Is that why Forza is the higher rated Racing sim since becoming a franchise? Faulty and make believe opinions don't matter.

3414d ago
ThanatosDMC3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

I think people are talking about when a car in Forza 3 drove on grass at full speed without any problems especially a spinout when it was turning.

Rainstorm813414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

No no no

Forza'S TWO games are not higher rated than the entire GT series. We are on Forza 3 and the series has yet to reach GT2 car count i think it matched GT1 car count though. I like Forza customization but detailed undercarrage dosent draw me in, the real driving does and IMHO GT offers more like three games in one more. NASCAR, RALLY, REG Sim Racing. With the feature on forza to rewind if you lose or mess up during a race takes Sim out of the game.

@ major tom - you beat me to it i hate the rewind idea in forza and madden thats not simulation.

@ green - if you think GRASS will stop a car going over 100 MPH you are crazy. You may spin out but not everytime you touch grass and you do spin out in the grass on GT if you dont know what you are doing. All of which is REAL. i could see if it was MUD.

green3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

You can not drive a car across a field in Forza if you want to win a race.The car will either spin off or grind to a halt.But in GT5P,driving across the field and bumping into your opponents gives you an edge.

EDIT:@ Simonsaysbuyps3: I have played GT5p extensively that is why i know what i am talking about.That track is the Suzuka Circuit and in Gt5p you can just cut across the grass in the final S-curve to gain an advantage.That is a complete impossibility in Forza and taking that corner at any thing less than 70% efficiency can cost you up to a second when playing online, be it with all driving aids turned off or on.

Major_Tom3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Yah, On a straight away, you lose speed by nearly half and in the final iteration damage has been added as a penalty for the rough stuff.

Your definition of 'driving across a field' is definitely exaggerated.

Edit: YA okay 'Green' that's why you can ski over the grass and sand in Forza right because it's so realistic. Please.

Natsu X FairyTail3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

NNNW wrote in a comment at the bottom

"I don't have much interest in racing games but..
I watched the developers' diary video thru the link and they mention a lot about tires and how they are affected by the weather, exhaust etc. Why would they talk so much about the weather/tires if there is "no weather" in the game?"

he does make a point there.

lets not judge the game ok.

SimonSaysBuyPs33414d ago

that trailers not in pro physic, and any way, trust me, I am a GT fan, I would know, you do slow down realistically in GT5p when you go wide on the grass, the sand is the real killer.

edgeofblade3414d ago


Why are we still obsessing over the minor details like this? Is it that important to stick a "Best" label on something?

Oh that's right. You're insecure children... I keep forgetting...

3414d ago
Rainstorm813414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

GT1 - night racing

GT2 - Rally

GT3 - weather

These are not new features

@ Disagreeing Fanboys

I guess its true, the Truth does Hurt

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

- Painting
- engine swaps
- Tire flexing

Forza3 is NOT the first console game to include Tire Flex.. Need for speed shift already has it. They hired the programmer from the best PC rally racer to program for the title as well.

Who do you think started partnerships with tire companies in the first place? It wasn't forza.

Pretending that undercarriage modeling has anything to do with a driving simulator is just pedestrian.

Forza3 lacks any changes from Forza2 outside of cosmetics.

No weather
8 cars
No pit animations
No light cycles
No Rally
No Nascar

And the cars all look plastic because they don't reflect the track. Like GT does.

Forza3 is an arcade game at this point, with features like REWINDING AND FLIPPING OVER! lol. The Gotham kids should love this!

@ La Chance

Inferior products don't take long to make. hence the no new upgrades in forza3 outside of using hdri to light unrealistic looking vehicles that roll over and rewind.

F4 will probably be out in a few months like L4D with a brand new 60.00 price tag.

Definitive racer has 0 features & A psp game has more vehicles. lol.

lol @ 8 cars on nuburgring or lesarthe.. talk about not enough to even keep it competitive.

SimonSaysBuyPs33414d ago

Yes true, you can use the first corner on suzuka as a shortcut, it came in hand for the F40 race near the end.
I dont know if that is realistc or not. Anyway the point is, try and excelerate out of grass, in any GT, and see how much impact it has on the drivers throttle response. crashing to a halt in GT, is bad.

XboxUltimateAlliance3414d ago

lol Rainstorm do you want some kind of prize or something.

Foza isn't GT.

They don't have all the same features. Has GT has full damage, car rollover, full vehicle engine,drivetrain,gearbox,igni tion,engine block and tires swap.Option to add superchargers,turbochargers or take it out to reduce weight.And also the freedom to tune even further each and every single aspect of the car from camber,tire pressure,roll bars,gear ratios,ride height,aerodynamics,springs,da mpers,braking pressure and differentials.(Thanks Green)

How about an auction house to trade parts and awesome paint jobs you know you couldnt make on your own? You cant even do paint customization in GT, much less autotunning, body kits and everything else.

Does GT have a tire sweel system that makes the cars behave in a realistic nature around curves and it you go off balance?

There are many more features to be announced for forza3, its still months away and we already know all these things.

Forza isnt GT, they aren't going to go do the exact same things.

So whats your point? You have none, do you?

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

full damage - Yes - gt5
car rollover - No most arcade games have this though, not most sims
full vehicle engine - no
drivetrain - yes
gearbox - yes
igni tion - Yes
engine block -no
tires swap - yes
Option to add superchargers,turbochargers - yes
reduce weight -yes
And also the freedom to tune even further each and every single aspect of the car from
camber -yes
tire pressure -yes
roll bars - yes
gear ratios - yes
ride height - yes
aerodynamics - yes
springs -yes
dampers -yes
braking pressure -yes
differentials -yes

Thats the problem here, you guys have no idea what you're talking about.

How many Forza2 racers have turned professional? None.

how many cars have Turn10 made?none.

How many times has ferrari debuted their new vehicles in forza3? none.

What systems for the Nissan GTR has turn10 been asked to do?None.

Again, Forza3 has nothing but cosmetic changes.. Forza2 allegedly had a dynamic tire model, yet the games physics were 100% terrible. If you want to pretend otherwise compare f3 replays to f2.. tell me f2's cars aren't gliding around the world. Thats the best thing about f3, it shows how terrible and beneath gt5p f2 was physically and graphically.

Just stop. Swapping an engine is a great feature to have, as are a few others that forza have. But they don't matter when the games physics aren't realistic. And they will more than likely be added to GT5. Which is creaming f3 when it comes to features.

Is forza3 better because of 5 features? lol. Please.

Rainstorm813414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Majority of the features you just named was in GT1. Yes Forza has features that GT wont have, will it make it a better game? i love the customization and auction house though

Although Turn 10 has had a steady stream of pot shots at PD, yet you cant match GT's car count or have basic features that has become a staple of GT years ago. Turn 10 said "they have the racing sim crown because GT didnt show up" well they dont have to show up Forza has yet to surpass previous GT games in many ways.

I know they wont both be the same but dont try to defend the fact that a car can flip over with a detailed undercarrage but it cant have a night racing stage. Even MIDNIGHT club had day racing. Its called game evolution but im sure you arent used to that.

@ sox fan

I prefer GT4 less cars means less replayability especially when neither of those GT games were online. But the difference is small in ratings all of the games were rated fairly high, GT2 was rated high and it had 600 cars. This is why we are still waiting for GT because they dont want to start off with a 150 car count GT this gen like on PS1 and PS2.

soxfan20053414d ago

"Definitive racer has 0 features & A psp game has more vehicles. lol."

"We are on Forza 3 and the series has yet to reach GT2 car count i think it matched GT1 car count"

That's why GT3, with 150 cars, is much higher rated than GT4, with 800 cars. You guys just don't get it, it's about the quality of the racing, not number of cars in the game. But, if quantity is more important to you than quality, that's your choice.

Blogs4Fanboyzz3414d ago

do you work for polophony digital? because you're trying to hard my friend.

JOLLY13414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

I am so glad that Turn 10 is stinking to the 360 calculations per second. It is nice to know that there is a calculation being done every couple of inches, not every couple of feel like most other sims.

*EDIT* Sorry I am not quite like you grey. Trust me, I'd take the physics in Forza over gt anyday. I used to be a very big supporter of gt, then I played Forza 1. There is a huge difference. Maybe when you get a car some day, you will notice the difference.

You should really post some pics of your car. Ah... willow springs, the official track used when people want to pretend that they race. You're funny.

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Im trying too hard. Thats the "buh buh well I have nothing to say" response by the way.

I know you guys love to live in denial. Which you can continue to do.Im just shocked that people didn't know you could do all of that in GT.


You're glad Turn10 is making a game for the 360.. no matter how bad the physics are, like f2.. you'll still love it :). Nothing wrong with that either. And when Turn10 comes out and says for F4 that "ok ok THIS time we REALLY nailed the physics" You will throw f3 under the bus and pretend f4 is the best sim on consoles ever :) The best thing that could happen to the forza franchise, is F3 highlighting how bad F2 was.

edit @
Jolly, my stillen g35 coupe says other wise. As do my track days at Willow Springs.

Please just stop. Its clear why you LOVE forza, its because you like to live in fantasy worlds of physics to where your lap times in the games reflect no lap times on real courses in the world, at all.You can't even use a real steering wheel with/FFB forza, and you STILL cant until october.

How about you and I race IRL :) I'd love to take your pinkslip. Or just your dignity :)


more dodging from jolly :), denial is hilarious.

Anon19743414d ago

His account is only an hour old, he's openly admitted it's a duplicate account and he's already started belittling other members on these forums for their opinions. I don't think that account is going to be around for long.

xwabbit3414d ago

Y are people talking about GT5 here ? Let the 360 only owners have half the game GT5 will be, but its something. No need to bring it up cus some will get mad and start disagreeing with facts, with their multiple accounts which i see they keep making.

La Chance3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Oh man if GT 5 DOES NOT rate higher than Forza 3...just like GT4 DID NOT score higher than FORZA... you guys are going to be the most RIDICULOUS community to ever appear on the world wide web...EVER.

I pray for you ps3 diehards that GT5 scores higher.

edit: @greywulf : euh...what the heck you talking about ?? Anyways dont start the damage control already.
Since Forza saw the light of day, no GT game has ever been rated higher. I think u know that and youre starting to damage control already.

edit: @greywulf : I still dont understand the pure garbage thats coming out of your mouth. Where did u see that reviews dont matter ??
I give up, keep on editing if u wanna

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

its hard to keep up with you guys.. since the 360 has had nothing but underwhelming releases outside of Gears & Fable since 2008. So scores matter now? Scores used to matter when people aren't getting fired for lying about reviews.

I mean, I thought prototype was better than infamous even though it flopped with scores?

Uncharted & Ratchet are better games than most of the 360's entire lineup with a score of 89 and below. I mean even though Banjo Flopped, wasn't there still a die hard community? lol.

Scores wont create more cars on track for F3, night/weather, Rally, or a better realistic simulation.


Damage control??? No im just pointing out the gigantic failure of 360 games to score well since fable2. Velvet Assasin, race pro, ninja blade, banjo kazooie, and whatever else wasn't AAA. And how it doesn't seem to matter that PS3 games score higher, until well.. it "matters" :) then scores are some how some pillar of quality? Im in the boat that scores don't matter, because of how busted the system is, but when the PS3 is in the lead with scores.. it gets no credit. Just when its behind.

edit @ jolly

IRl = In real life... not the irl series. its Internet jargon, like "LOL","TTYL& ;amp ;quo t;,"BRB". I know you can't dispute what I said about forzas unrealistic physics/hotlaps/feedback, so its good to see you want to pretend you know something about cars using the wikipedia & google. --which is why this is pointless but ill play along--

You can't dispute any of what I've said about Forza, so you're on a mission to try to discredit my track days and my vehicle? Well.. have at it.. I'm here :) its a 03 coupe w/sports package, and thats just my track car. I drive a 08 rs4 as my dd.

As Walter Sobchak so eloquently put it.. you're out of your element .... jolly.

I know you just have a wrx. And i'd spank you any day of the week.

JOLLY13414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

I would love to know what # you are. How is Danica? I hear she can be a hot head. You are really funny grey. Which year g35 do you have? I have some questions for you regarding whatever year you have. Yes I know a poop-ton about cars. I really can't wait to hear back from you. This will be fun. I would really like to see you in the rear view of the STi.

na2ru13414d ago

not the competition and that's what Polyphony are setting out to do.

evrfighter3414d ago

"car rollover - No most arcade games have this though, not most sims "

no eyebrows are raised when you read that?

car rollover's are either

A) Realistic
B) Unrealistic

One or the other. A "True" sim would include this would it not?

saint_john_paul_ii3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

GT3 had more than 500 cars. not 150. the reason why GT3 was rated higher than GT4 was because there was no big change, other than the fact that it had more cars and more tracks than GT3, and of course physics changes. just like how GT1 scored higher than GT2.

SL1M DADDY3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

What a joke! I was at least expecting that with two DVD's and only 400 vehicles that they could at least toss in a night driving level or some dirt tracks. And this is supposed to compete with GT? Really?

@ La Chance - Oh so when you cannot compete on your sales data you bring up meta scores? Just another pathetic excuse for lack of features...

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

You don't hit a wall in an r8 and roll over. The arcade setup in forza3 has vehicles rolling over at a simple wall collision.Its very rare to roll over a vehicle, and when it happens its the end of the race. Its not realistically simulated at all-- it looks cool, but not really.. realistic.

Most true PC sims don't have vehicles rolling over. Because its like simulating a freak accident.

WEL3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Polyphony Digital is so great that they not just made the dashboard for the newer GT-R, they even designed an entire car for real life!

pixelsword3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

"customization" is not the focus here; The driving (where the word "simulation" applies) and "realistic car ownership" is key, not anything else; where the GT series is king.

Although you *can* -in reality- custom-build your Lamborghini with all sorts of custom parts, -in reality- very few people ever do steer away from the original colour and build of the cars. When a woman has a very beautiful face, a woman rarely pierces and tats it up because she wants the world to know that she is a beautiful woman. To make a parallel, person who has a Lamborghini rarely goes bananas with the customization to the point that people have to take a good look to see what kind of car they drive, because they want the world to know it's a Lamborghini... with it's almost stereotypical yellow, red, or grey colour.

Now, DON'T get me wrong, I'm not in any way trying to justify why GT doesn't have the myriad of options for customization, but people have to realize that GT is for car buffs, not people who aren't car buffs. Look at Jay Lenno; he is an avid car collector, he doesn't trick-out any of his cars, although he (if anyone who collects cars) can: because car collectors want a pristine replica of the car when it rolls off of the assembly line. Gran Turismo basically caters to the same mindset a car collector would have, making such options unnecessary.

Although, I might add, I wouldn't be offended if they did add such pomp; as I am not a car collector, avid or otherwise.


cmrbe3414d ago

Froza 3 is now only catching up to what GT have done last gen on the PS2. GT has moved on from the shiny/glossy plastic car models with photo realistic car models and lighting.

Physics wise Froza 3 is a joke.

Well at least its on two DVD's. Something that it can be proud of equaling with GT last gen lol!.

Sarcasm3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


"No weather, night racing, or rally in the game."


Still getting it though. But the more they talk about the game, the more apparent that guy at Turn 10 is an idiot.

Sarcasm3414d ago

"You don't hit a wall in an r8 and roll over. The arcade setup in forza3 has vehicles rolling over at a simple wall collision.Its very rare to roll over a vehicle, and when it happens its the end of the race. Its not realistically simulated at all-- it looks cool, but not really.. realistic."

Forget about the roll over. The video in Forza 3 shows the guy going 90mph out into the grass, slides and hits the wall on the passenger side. Yet the car tips to the left and he keeps going full speed on the grass. That's some serious Daytona USA physics right there.

GodGinrai3414d ago

now your just making stuff up. i dont recall skiing across the grass in forza 2. If you think GT is more realistic than forza ,then you clearly have never driven a car , much less a performance car...

GUNS N SWORDS3414d ago

"Forza 3: No weather, night or rally racing" tell me that those options can't be applied as DLC, and turn 10 already said that forza3's getting a lot of DLC.

"Sorry Turn 10 be quiet next time
GT1 - night racing

GT2 - Rally

GT3 - weather

These are not new features"

GT's finally getting car think that's a new feature, EVERY racing game this generation had that.

PshycoNinja3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

"Also included for the first time will be dynamic weather changes and damage modeling. Night races will return from previous Gran Turismogames. Full licenses from WRC and NASCAR will also be featured."

main wording, THIS GEN, GT5 is the first full fledged GT THIS GEN!

edit 2- @GUNS N SWORDS

Sorry but I dont feel like paying for features that should have been in the game already.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


your just trying to spin this around,

what's cheaper for a 360 gamer selling their 360's to find them selves short of picking up a ps3 with GT5 OR, going to a bestbuy or a game store and picking up a copy of forza3?

and most of all, for the people who don't own either console, what's cheaper,

out right buying a ps3 and getting GT5 or getting a 360 with forza3 and paying $5 to $10 extra for more content?

tootiFrooti3414d ago


PshycoNinja3414d ago

How am I spinning this?

Iam not asking for 360 gamers to go buy a PS3 and GT5. Its just all these 360 Fanboys are saying theres not certain feats in GT5 when most of the feats they are talking about are in GT5P. By all means if you only have a 360 then buy F3. All I'm trying to do is clear up any confusion with GT5.

P.S. and yes I do disagree with Turn 10's statement about them being the "definative" racing SIM.

The Lazy One3414d ago

I could have sword I clicked an article about forza and somehow I ended up in an article about GT5...

thesummerofgeorge3414d ago

that's just embarrassing.

@Xbox Empire
You're reaching pal.

No Way3414d ago

Y'alls a bunch of babies. Plain and simple.
They are two different games. Both are great games.
Get over yourselves. It's like comparing Gears 2 to Killzone 2.
They have different styles, mechanics, and features.
They are completely different games, so stop comparing them!
Hence why one game is named Forza and one is named Gran Turismo..

Montreafart3414d ago

"And yet the cars don't control nearly anything like their real life counter-parts. "

"Says who? Is that why Forza is the higher rated Racing sim since becoming a franchise? Faulty and make believe opinions don't matter."

>> SAYS every fking professional racing team.


There is a reason why GT is called the MOST realistic racing SIM.
Forza isnt a racing SIM. Its a fking ARCADE racer claiming to be a SIM. Yet when you drive in Forza, its a fking ARCADE racer. The fact that you can turn corners at 120 miles an hour says enough.

Try doing that in real life and see if you survive the next 1 minute.

And all the features you mentioned? Yes, GT has that. They had that 13 years ago. Its called GT1.

And GT has weather, 16 vehicles on track, NASCAR, RALLY, F1, hell the PSP version has 800 cars already. Forza claims to have 400 cars. Big fking WHOOP. GT FOUR already had 560 cars. And thats a PS2 game.

Who the fk are you kidding me. Forza is an arcade racer and every upgrade has minor cosmetic changes. No wonder they can pump out another installment within 2 years rofl. Soon, Forza franchise will be like FIFA Soccer or Madden. Each year will have a different version with minor cosmetic changes and they will charge you 60 bucks for it. And all in the name of the console war. Ride that fking train. Hahaha fools. Youre been sucker punched.

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rbluetank3414d ago

this settles it for me... GT5 FTW! i would like my racing car games to be as real as possible... forza needs this to challenge the better racing car games...GT5 FTW!

ps3gogetitt3414d ago

Whether and night racing or full customization?

JOLLY13414d ago

I'll take the second please.

novaIS3503414d ago

I'll take realistic looking cars... all 800+ of them. Weather and day/night cycles over a hood scoop and GT wing any day. I'll see you "customization" and raise you WRC.

JOLLY13414d ago

Hopefully gt will finally have some interesting WRC stages. The one in prvious gt's have been "not so good"

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

and having rally is better than not being able to fit the cars on 2 dvd's in the first place.

Legs, no.. because it was normal to swap cd's in the past. There wasn't a clear choice to be had. Gaming consoles usually use the bigger storage for the next console. Not the same as the previous generation. Its 2009. Its like having a cd player in a 360, vs a dvd player in the ps3. Is it a "problem"? No way, its just obsolete. No longer modern to swap discs in the world of computing.

Rewinding tapes manually isn't a "problem" neither is using a rotary phone.


"Also if you want to do the Career, put in the career disk. If you want to go and do arcade challenges, put in that disk...problem solved."

So thats not getting up and swapping a disc how? I mean.. you are swapping a disc correct? As in.. getting up.. and swapping a disc..

Again, its not a problem. Just obsolete.

cRaZyLeGs 933414d ago

Rally is a good part of GT, but I fail to understand what you mean about forza. They ARE fitting the cars on 2 dvd's. We know they have to use 2 because of no blu-ray. It wasn't a problem with GT2 was it?

JOLLY13414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

I am sorry you have such low expectations. I understand now, I just didn't know before. On a side note about 2 disks. It's called install both disks if you want. Also if you want to do the Career, put in the career disk. If you want to go and do arcade challenges, put in that disk...problem solved.

Perkel3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

@ ps3 gogetit

maybe both ? You don't know what will gt5 have . Carengine body etc customization were always in gt games. Painting cars isn't a much problem to add...

ps3gogetitt3414d ago

you don't have to swap dvds, you have the option to load one or both onto your hard drive...

Customization is a game by itself.. people actually go online to just paint cars and customize them for sale in the auction house

others go online to copy customization for their real world cars..

Hopefully forza 4 will have wrc but its not necessary in 3..

another ? 16 cars racing against each other non unique or 8 cars each unique with your personal customization?

phosphor1123414d ago

Real racers never put pictures of Goku on their car and ran a race. Yeah it adds "personality" but in racing, personality comes with how aggressive you drive and how you handle the turns and other opponents.

ps3gogetitt3414d ago

Somebody loves goku

I am not talking about art but customization....

"how aggressive you drive and how you handle the turns and other opponents." Does this really matter in GT when there's no car damage/impact?

cyberwaffles3414d ago

full customization is pretty nice, i like it alot, but GT5 is having like twice as many cars and models. not saying full customization is useless, but all those different car models makes a big deal for a lot of racing fanatics. i like the GT series but i'm not obsessed with it since i'm not into racing to begin with. my cousin, however, who works in LA with a custom car magazine company (forget it's name) is insanely addicted to the GT series.

i remember asking him one time what was the point of having so many different cars when they were all the same car manufactures but different models. he said, "it meant everything." for example, he told me the Autobacs 2002 Garaiya model would feel and play completely different compared to the 2003 Garaiya Race model simply because there are different types of engines and horsepower going underneath the hood. different brake system, different throttle, different everything. i wish i could tell more what he said but i can't remember since i'm not as knowledgeable about cars as he is.

with that being said, he said he's played forza and hates it since it doesn't play realistically. i think forza is great but thats because i'm not as addicted to racing sims (or racing games for that matter) as much as him so i would imagine true racing simulator fans would want a true racing sim and judging by the driving i've seen from the past forza games, it doesn't look that too realistic. still looks like a lot of fun however, just not realistic which some are really wanting.

mastiffchild3414d ago

I'm a big fan of both series but, as I've said a few times, T10 and Greenawalt made a big rod for their own back by continually using the word definitive about their game.

If Forza3 is to be the "definitive" racing sim this generation then it MUST have weather and night/day cycles. Yes, you can buy lots of parts, stiffen and lower your springs and all of the mechanical stuff you can think of but leaving out, say, just rain makes it pretty pointless. As a driver I know that a little rain changes the handling of, esp, my rear wheel drive car as much as ANYTHING and that's without ice or roadspill, fog or hail-which can be even worse.

It's saying it's a sim these days and with the tech available that means weather is essential. I'm far more likely to encounter difficulties(or encounter at all)from some weather than a new part. It's just much more basic and vital to a simulation to have these things than it is to have a million paint colours, no?

So, imo, no rain(let alone all the other weather)= no kind of sim, still a good game, but not a great sim at all. And a huge way from being "definitive". It should've been in before a lot of the fluff they have got, imo, and I don't see why it isn't as, as much as the realism it lends, it adds replay value through variety as weather alters any and every track.

Again, I'll gladly be buying both GT5 AND F3 as I love the previous games even if they're very different, imo, but I do feel that T10 need the same attitude adjustment that Sony did after the PS3 launch and all the "extra job to get one" BS. I would not buy a PS3 'til that changed and 'til Greenawalts insistence on jibing PD and declaring his feature lacking game to be the "definitive" racing sim this gen ceases I've no choice but to ignore the release of F3. Sadly, as I'm still really looking forward to it-it's just I don't like either being lied to or giving my hard earned to egotistical ingrates.

xwabbit3414d ago

@cRaZyLeGs 93 ur comparing forza 3 to Gt2 which was out on the ps1 Lol ?

bloop3414d ago

I agree with Jolly that the Rally racing in the GT series was mediocre, and this is coming from a GT freak!!!! I hope they step it up in 5.