NowGamer: Prototype Review

NowGamer writes: "We've just consumed a terrified screaming woman, our tentacles ripping through her stricken body as we absorb her whimpering remains. Having replenished our health, we turn our attention to the horrified quad of soldiers frantically firing at us, morphing an arm into a huge organic blade. Plunging into them, we send arms, legs and torsos spiralling to the pavement in a spray of blood, before leaping away and running up the sheer side of a building, blood covered, remorseless and unstoppable. We don't know who we are or what's been done to us, but we're coming, and our enemies had better run.

If nothing else, you sometimes feel extremely powerful playing Prototype, Radical Entertainment's violent open-world game. The tale of Alex Mercer, a man who wakes up in a morgue with little memory of who he is but possessing great bio-organic powers, is less a case of 'with great power comes great responsibility' and more a case of 'with great power do whatever the hell you like'."

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