Resi producer: Adult Wii games need 'X-Factor' to sell

Videogamer writes: "Adult Wii games need an 'X-Factor' to sell, the producer of Resident Evil 5 and Wii exclusive Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles has said.

Following the relatively poor chart positions of high-profile Wii games The House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWord and No More Heroes, a perception has arisen that adult games struggle to sell on Nintendo's family-centred console."

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EvilTwin3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Poor chart positions? What about sales? VGC isn't the best source, but...

HOD: Overkill is at 310,000 copies:

MadWorld is at 230,000 copies:

NMH has been sitting at 400,000 copies for a while:

...and since NMH was green lit for a sequel, it's safe to say it wasn't a flop for Grasshopper. Everyone wants the Halo 3-esque brass ring, but a lot of other games have a slow burn sales cycle instead of first-week fireworks.

Of course, there's a glut of on-rail shooters on Wii, so it's not like HOD was going to be huge to begin with.
And a black & white, 6-hour brawler isn't exactly commercial,, it's a new IP. The "X-factor" Resident Evil has is its established name. But hey, why try to put these games in context?

BoomBlox was just like NMH -- a failure...before its sales were consistent and got a sequel. Some people still think Chinatown Wars on DS is a failure, even though Rockstar doesn't think so (and it has now sold 600,000 copies:

Maybe HVS will get lucky and have a bigger seller to help turn this perception around.

SpoonyRedMage3441d ago

Apparently with NMH Suda wasn't happy with the Japanese sales as it did quite badly but everyone was ecstatic about the European sales as they were surprisingly high. It's more about what the publishers think because if they sell low compared to PS360 games if they actually get a profit it's good.

Sega recently said that Mad World sold elss than expected but it and HOD sold enough to make some profit and fund furth Wii developments. So it's not all bad...