Battlefield 1943 - AllAboutTheGames Hands-On First Impressions

Phil May writes: "EA have already shown that they can make console versions of Battlefield work properly. After fits and starts with Battlefield: Modern Combat, last year's squad-based game, Battlefield: Bad Company, showed off the Frostbite engine for the first time and took a lot of cues and niceties from PC Battlefield games.

For ages though, I've always wondered what would happen if DICE took the franchise back to its roots, back to World War II and more specifically, back to those intense potted moments of chaos that you got in the original Battlefield 1942 when fighting on those pacific islands."

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ASSASSYN 36o3413d ago

I actually enjoyed this game. The aircraft fly perfectly in it.

a_squirrel3413d ago

I thought they flew like bricks... I could pull off any kind of maneuver whatsoever (other than a barrel roll) but they do blow up nicely :D