Is Sony on the right track with its PS3 strategy?

Bundling games with a console is like a price drop without the drop. Both of those titles currently retail for $60, if you buy them separately. If you bought a PlayStation 3 and those two games, you'd end up paying $520 before you even added another controller. But since they both come bundled with the console, you can have $520 worth of entertainment for $400. That's a $120 savings that might make some consumers think twice about the PlayStation 3.

And isn't that the point in the first place? For the last year, Sony hasn't enjoyed a single competitive advantage over Microsoft and its sales have shown that. But now that those bundles are available, Sony might be able to claw its way back into the race, even though Microsoft offers bundles of its own.

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XLiveGamer3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

For a PS3 Fanatic YES
For the rest of the gaming community NO

When pressed about PS3 price cuts, Stringer was more direct. He explained that if Sony dropped the price of its console it would "lose money on every PlayStation (it) makes. How's that for logic?"

Well i remember that i receive a looooooooooot of disagrees when i commented the same thing here in N4G. But come on is N4G right? the den of PS3 Fanatics.

badbond13440d ago

any bundle that compares to this. The top and I mean (other than Uncharted) the top two "best graphics" titles of all time(consoles), exclusively on the PS3! When I first purchased MGS4, I knew immediately that it would win tons of awards. When I purchased Killzone 2, I couldn't believe how much was going on and how tight the graphics were! Trust me, this bundle is a great way to start out and if I could do it all over again, I would be running to the store to get this. $600.00 hit me hard, but I do not regret getting the 60gb version that hasn't given me any problems. (knock on wood)

deadreckoning6663440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Anyone waitin' on a PS3 price cut and doesn't get this is INSANE. I mean if ur not interested in KZ2 or MGS4, why the hell do u have a PS3??? Personally, I thought it was worth it since launch. Im so happy I bought the 60gb while it still had the pro duo and sandisk card slots in the front and the backwards compatibility!

ColossiSlayer3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

He's right, I'm PS3 fan and a smart consumer. When PS3 launched it was 600$, but the closest BR Player at the time was like 800. Mine was 500 $ 6 months later (July 2007) with a Free 50$ 6Axis and 5 Free (40- 50$ at the time) BRs. With all the features available for the PS3 at the time the VALUE of the deal was insane. I had a 27' SDTV and BRs do look better than DVD in SD.
But, now after all the Firmware updates since then, The VALUE of the PS3 has only went up. Your getting arguably the best Entertainment Device on the market, 360's dont's play High Definition Disc based Movies w/o add-ons, neither does the Wii. You may say it's not necessary but, I've been playing movies through a Playstation since PS2 launched. The Internet Browser/Media Server capabilities also bring VALUE to the PS3, it's the internet on your TV, not a PC input into your TV, All the posts I've ever written have been on My PS3, all the Amazon purchases, youtube videos, etc all on my PS3. Through TVersity I stream all my PC media right to my PS3. The PS3 can output 7.1 Surround Sound look up how much an BR player or audio receiver that does the same let alone another game console. You may say it's not necessary, but it's possible on the PS3. There so many more Entertainment capabilities right out of the Box for the PS3 than other Gaming and Media devices.
The first couple paragraphs give you the bundle cost breakdown. Do the same thing and compare the PS3, 360, Wii.
Put ALL the capabilities of each console down on paper next to each other than the price of each capability (WiFi, HDMI, etc) and ANYBODY in their right mind will buy a PS3.
Price cut/Slim needed, sure but only if COST EFFECTIVE for Sony. Plus the Slim maybe gimped a bit compared to Fats like a launch 60GB to 160GB now... Good article from Cnet hope more consumers considering a console read the article.
Don't wait for the Slim, Buy the KZ2/MGS4 Bundle & Play B3yond.

DARK WITNESS3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

" 360 don't play disc based movies " what are you talking about.

The 360 plays DVD and upscales them. you can also get hddvd although i would not count that as its a dead format.

but still, it plays regular DVD so what are you talking about ? you sound more like your presenting a sales pitch.

ColossiSlayer3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

LMAO , I agree it does sound like a sales pitch, I was just supporting the article,
You know count how many DVDs I've put in my PS3, none. Watch the Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man on DVD.
Naw, I'm good upscaled or not. I like the full experience, you know get the most for my money..