Opinion: Mother Theresa Or Hitler? Designing for Ambiguous Moral Choice

Gamasutra: Moral choices in videogames... not really our finest hour. There seems to be a nagging issue, namely that we tend to deliver to our players all the exciting possibilities of either being Mother Theresa or being Hitler.

We see it all the time, even in the best of games. Infamous, Fable, BioShock, Mass Effect, even Fallout 3 (though Fallout did a better job and really upped the ante by letting you choose between being Mother Theresa, Hitler, and A Guy). The list goes on...

So why does it matter? Well, when faced with the question 'Do I kill this little girl and eat her soul to grow my unholy power or do I restore her lost innocence and return to her the childhood that was stolen from her by despicable men?', it's just not something you're going to spend all day pondering - which is a problem. Why? Because it's not fun. What's interesting about moral questions is how fuzzy they are, how utterly debatable they can be.

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