The Gamer Studio Daily Discussion: Cha-Ching…2k anyone

NBA Draft Combine 2k10.
Remember these words, as this could the the one tarnish on whats shaping up to be the best sports games of they year. The way NBA Draft Combine 2k10 works is the user may pay a little bit of a premium($$$$) to work on the rookies that are coming into the league.

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drdre743441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I'm sure there will be some point range for rookies so you cant max them out to 99 or anything. I could care less since online updates pretty much do the same thing for the week. Plus this is worthless online. lol The stats will revert back to normal online. This is only good when playing a season at home.

oliveira3113441d ago

What does this mean exactly?