Final Fantasy 7 ReMake Date Changed to 11/01/2008 on 1UP

Here is a screenshot taken on 4/14 and 4/19..the date changed..for sure..they are actively aware of this date mistake but they decided to not take the FF7 Remake off of the site. Do they really know what we do not?

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AuburnTiger4203d ago

11 = November
1 = The 1st day of November
2008 = The year
/ = This is to separate the numbers so you don't get them mixed.

You could have also googled this.

Violater4203d ago

i wonder if this means FFxiii if falling back to 2009

zantetsuken4203d ago

VII's basically done. They story, characters, etc are done. They just need 150-200 people and a few years.

For what it's worth, EGM which is part of 1UP has stated twice that a remake will happen. They claim it to be a source within SE, and were correct on all the XIII crap they threw out. They said it would be shown in trailer featuring a female main character and it happened.

BlackIceJoe4203d ago

Well if this is true and is exclusive I think this is great. I do think FF7 could help sell PS3 but not as much as most people will have thought. So I hope this is true. I guess every one will find out soon at the Square-Enix Party.

ITR4203d ago

Not with it being more then a yr out.

Rybnik4203d ago

I totally did not catch that, and I was just on 1up a few minutes ago, LOL. I really hope it does happen!

Bebedora4203d ago

Hard to believe. Still best hopes (proofs) seen as of yet for it to really happend.

I dont care if it comes in late 2008 or not. It would just be a great relief if I knew it would really be released. Here's hoping!

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The story is too old to be commented.