Blizzard: Equal Mobility For All Classes in Diablo III

One of the biggest concerns with Diablo III's class differentiation concerns the issue of mobility. Besides putting one foot in front of the other to pace about the world of Sanctuary like enthusiastic tourists, characters in D3's predecessor, Diablo II, had a variety of different ways that allowed them to get around with varying degrees of ease, thus raising the problem of unfairness.

Blizzard community manager Bashiok chimes in on the matter.

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bmw693480d ago

Sounds like a much-needed improvement to me

StillGray3480d ago

Yes, I agree. The problem with the previous game was that certain classes were so outclassed in terms of movement that the only 'fix' was to use the Enigma runeword. It's not much of a fix, if you ask me.

Raf1k13480d ago

what if the witch doctor could get around on one of his/her summoned pets?

StillGray3480d ago

I honestly hope this doesn't mean that they're just reskinning the teleport skill for every class or something. That would really suck.

That being said, I wonder what the Witch Doctor's skill looks like. Maybe it's vines that allow him/her to travel around or something.

-MD-3480d ago

Question for all you Diablo fans out there: Does this game have tons of spells per class like WoW (40-50) or just a handful (10-20)?

Greysturm3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

WoW skill trees were a ripoff from diablo, so considering the lack of originality in the matter i expect diablo 3 to have again 3 skill sets per class with about the same number of spells/abilities as Diablo 2/wow. Althugh they might be reduced as they are pushing for a more graphical experience for each one of them.

mfwahwah3480d ago

There are 3 trees per class. Each tree has its fair share of skills. Not all of them were useful though, is the thing. Many were just used as a synergy to increase the power of a superior spell.

There is PLENTY of variety in viable classes though, especially factoring in optimal gear for a build.