Battlefield 1943: Good and Bad News

Ok, so the Battlefield 1943 launch may have been a little *too* successful, the game is live, but servers are so bogged down that no one can play it.

According to a post by DICE's Gordon VanDyke on the electronic arts forums, the game has been incredibly successful beyond their expectations. Server capacity was reached, and that means that now people can't join unless someone leaves.

There is hope, however, as they are committed to adding more servers ASAP to Xbox and in preparation PS3 that should start going up ASAP with priority on Xbox 360...

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Ron Zook3391d ago

Thats crazy that so many people purchased it on the first day they ran out of server space! wow

ASSASSYN 36o3391d ago

I played out my 30 minutes. And it was impressive. I plan to get it.

JsonHenry3390d ago

I have played it online a few times already (I bought it) and it is pretty good. Reminds me of all the fun I had with it when it was called Battlefield 1942. :)

Only 3 maps? Only two types of aircraft? Only 3 player classes? While it may be a lot of fun, they better add content quick or this game is DOA in two months time. Not much to keep you coming back for more after a short time, you know?

Uncommon Calibur3390d ago

How can a game be Dead on Arival 2 months after its launch? trying to use industry lingo that you saw on N4G?

TheBand1t3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

The game is awesome. Shame that PS3 owners and Xbox 360 owners can't play together.

I'm already an online fighter ace!

LONEWOLF2313390d ago

Man ive seen some peeps do some crazy moves while in aircrafts i was like HOLY **** i tried flying but failed miserably BUT luckly i am pretty good with the tank so much so that ive managed to bring down a few fighters with it.

evrfighter3390d ago

Uhhhh your b1tchin about the content of this game?

how much did you pay for it again?

Ju3390d ago

"Shame that PS3 owners and Xbox 360". I would want that. That'd be cool. Guess the servers run on PCs anyway, why not link PS3 & 360 ? (Its not a Live issue, stats can be handled in Live and PSn differently, I understand, but the rest - yeah, troubles with VoIP, that too).

Downtown boogey3390d ago

Having played it for about 2 hours I can say that it's pretty good. Aeroplanes suck though; Airspace is way too small and the controls are unbelievably clumsy.
The game supposedly has a pretty steep learning curve as the balancing between all the weapons and vehicles is very extensive. Lag is still evident, though I'm expecting it to be eliminated.
It's kinda like more realistic Warhawk with less emphasize on dogfights and more on infantry.

Bnet3433390d ago

The one thing that threw me off this game was the fact that EA might shut it down after 30 days.

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Ron Zook3390d ago

yeah ive been looking so forward to this! i loved bad company and havent played a good world war game since COD1

vickers5003390d ago

Well then you haven't played CoD2.

Ace Killa 083390d ago

the game is fixed now or i can at least play, game is great!!!! worth the price and i be till xbox 360 reaches 43000000 kills to play coral sea

Zip3390d ago

im greatly dissepointed :( its too arcade

SuburbanHell3390d ago

I just hope the PS3 version doesn't go through the same troubles. Guess I'll find out tonight.

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