THQ pledges day one support for Project Natal

Red Faction and UFC publisher THQ has told that it intends to support Sony's PlayStation 3 wand and Microsoft's Project Natal on day one of release.

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Natsu X FairyTail3391d ago

Red Faction and UFC publisher THQ has told that it intends to support Sony's PlayStation 3 wand and Microsoft's Project Natal on day one of release.

Christopher3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

B-but... the title only mentions Natal!?!?

The company that really needs to be there on Day 1 is Ubisoft, which has been the only third-party publisher that's been able to compete with Nintendo's first party titles on the Wii so far. If Ubisoft can get the same level of support on the 360 and PS3 it'll help them to continue dominating on the Wii.

Edit: # of 360 fans to disagree with this comment so far since it's not 360 biased: (5)

# of posters to disagree because they only payed attention the the edit section and ignored the rest: (1)

I do think it's hilarious as to why people disagree here, which is why I added this edit. Nothing I've said has supported one or the other or been false or anything else. Yet, people will disagree for practically any reason they can create. You guys crack me up with the senselessness of your actions. I thank you for that.

Natsu X FairyTail3391d ago

"Edit: # of 360 fans to disagree with this comment so far since it's not 360 biased: (2)"

Useless comment.

I disagree you are now @ 3.


Rainstorm813391d ago

crappy motion games day one from THQ

Syronicus3391d ago

That's because:

1) Microsoft was the only one of the two companies to reveal their motion controller using a title. Sony's motion controller was given no name.

2) The media has wood for natal

In the end, the media gets hits for showing off something different and if they showed off the PS3 controller it would need to be a bit more different looking than the Wii-mote and have a name to go along with it. Since Natal is something that the casual market has not seen before (in its current form), makes Natal more appealing.

Christopher3391d ago

Sadly, the PS3 motion controller does have a name. It's called The PlayStation Motion Controller. No, I'm not lying. Hopefully they'll come up with something catchier as they get closer to release, but this is Sony we're talking about. I love Sony's products, but they're not known for their marketing of products, including naming them for ease of recognition by the public.

Rainstorm813391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

you got a link because i dont think it has a name. personally ive been calling PS motion but i dont know.

Since THQ will be there day 1 hopefully they bring some core games to the table, because i seriously have doubts.

[email protected] cgood

Thanks, it just seems a like a lazy name. To go from names like Playstation, Dual Shock, EyeToy, to PS motion controller. Although i must admit its kind of like Play Station Portable. LOL

Christopher3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

From Gizmodo:

It's also what they said the current name was during the E3 demo of it.

@Raiinstorm81 edit: Yeah. Sony seems to be on a streak with just throwing PlayStation in front of item names rather than coming up with single names that can be used on their own but still able of being related to the Sony brand. Natal is a great name and really makes you think about it on its own rather than just as Xbox 360 Dual-Camera

RealityCheck3391d ago

My take on the PS3 Motion Controller naming or lack thereof is that Sony didn't really want to do it. They had worked on this years ago as per the videos going around but had decided not to pursue it.

Then they got wind that MS was working on Natal for the 360. Having had to suffer from the media with comparisons when they didn't have rumble and didn't have achievements\trophies, they decided that they needed a 'motion' thingy to complete the comparison checklist.

So they dusted off this old tech project and made a presentation of it at E3. So after the fact they now have to come up with a name, some games and some marketing for it.

I know some fans might be defensive and say it can't be true. I'm not in the gaming business but I have witness internally big corporations do just that; yes it is possible but the public won't know the true story until years later, if ever.

Blogs4Fanboyzz3391d ago

i have a wii to use when we have friends round for dinner and the conversation starts becomming stale.

i dont want motion controls to take priority over the more hardcore games in enjoy on my ps360.

personally, i think the first company to bring out a hardcore and casual gamer friendly(by casual gamer i mean the people that have been lapping up the wii)console next-gen, is going to be in a great position to possibly emulate something like the ps1 and ps2 did in sales and marketshare success.

just dont take away my hardcore gaming please.

nycredude3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Who the hell cares!!!!!! All I want to know from THQ is where is my Conan 2!!!!!!

J/K Good to know we have developers on board with the motion censor tech. Next year should be interesting.

Edit: @Blogs, if they start implementing this tech into hardcore games then it could interesting. For example Demon's Souls with "optional" wand support would be rediculous!

Syronicus3391d ago

Show me a press release from Sony where they name their controllers. I can call it anything I want and put it into print but that does not make it so. I don't mind Gizmodo but just because a press outfit calls it that doesn't make it Sony's official name. Just saying...

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SpoonyRedMage3391d ago

So in the words of Mart soon the PS3 and 360 will get a lot Shiatware too?

Keith Olbermann3391d ago

a developer intends to support motion controls on multiple consuls. huh?

sack_boi3391d ago

For christ's sake people learn to spell; it's "console" not "consul".

So to you it's not news worthy because it's not a PS3 VS X360 article?
please only reply if you some how manage to learn how to write.

Christopher3391d ago

For christ's sake people learn to complain about other people's comments; first you criticize their inability to capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence, then you go for the spelling errors.

Sorry, couldn't help myself :p

I'm guessing this isn't newsworthy to some people since it's kind of a blanket statement and not a notification of the type of games they will put out in support of the various motion controller technologies coming out.

Keith Olbermann3391d ago

I am sorry i offended your delicate sensibilities. I hate 360 vs ps3 articles too. You know what i love though? the word consul. love it. consul, consul consul. use it all the time. You should learn to relax my highly educated friend.

PS360WII3391d ago

For some reason this news isn't comforting...

Natsu X FairyTail3391d ago

guess this means

Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 using Natal and ps3 thing

STK0263391d ago

yay! SDvRAW will be even less enjoyable than it already is! I'll be looking forward to this! I can't wait to see how they will make the next game even worse!

The SmackDown Franchise started great, went to AWESOME levels, went downhill a little, and has yet to rech rock bottom from what I see. Well, I guess it's still better than the RAW one, who just never got great with it's 2 games. But it sure sucks to see that DoR was put to death after 2 great outings...whatever happenned to the good ol' No MErcy days...

On topic, THQ will release it's shovel ware on PS3/360, mostly ports of it's Wii games. I just can't wait to play these. I hope the PS3/360 will get support from Midway and it'S stellar line-up...

-MD-3391d ago

I have to laugh when I hear the word wand.

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