Champions Online Open Beta Dated, CBT Extended

Cryptic Studios has announced that the current closed beta test for Champions Online will have the play sessions extended from next week, and has also dated the start of the open beta.

The open beta will give full 24 hour access to the game until launch in September.

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Leord3413d ago

Finally! Why didn't they start out doing this?

Fyzzu3413d ago

Um... 'coz open betas are often considered demos by a large portion of people. Making sure it's actually reasonably polished before the hordes descend and go "IT DOESN'T WORK RIGHT, THIS IS RUBBISH" and then refuse to buy the full version tends to be a good idea.

Or are you referring to them extending the closed beta hours? :p If so, I agree :p

Leord3413d ago

There's a difference between open and closed betas, and having a closed beta where the servers are not online most of the time....

Maticus3413d ago

The limited testing times have been very frustrating, glad to see we get a good chance to try out the game before the test servers are flooded!

Dorjan3413d ago

Open beta! Sweet, no more closed beta!

Malfurion3413d ago

Yes! Only a few weeks left until I can try this out, seriously can't wait!

Chazmers3413d ago

will try it out, but more looking forward to The Old Republic, that will take alot of players from every MMO

AndyA3413d ago

I think there's a pretty big market for the superhero MMO, should do well.

Chazmers3413d ago

yeah but we already have City of Heroes and DC Universe coming soon, if anything there is going to be too many Superhero MMO's

Malfurion3413d ago

I agree, overkill here perhaps.

silvacrest3413d ago

i agree to an extent but how many WoW like MMOs co exist just fine even though WoW is king?

same could happen for the numerous superhero MMOs head our way

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