Expensive Gaming: 10 Most Costly Games on Amazon

Unigamesity takes a look at the most expensive games and game collections that can be purchased from Amazon and the titles are not too impressive...

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RockmanII73415d ago

10 things I'll never buy

free2game3653414d ago

Ground Control 2 is an amazing game, you're missing out

Midgard2283414d ago

they left out a brand new valkyrie profile for ps1 sealed runs 500$ on amazon lol

doctorstrange3414d ago

Damn!! havent got any of them :(

mfwahwah3414d ago

Damn I'm gonna start buying mad games "just in case."

kaveti66163414d ago

There are some pretty mild games from the PS1 era that will sell today for like 80 bucks. I think Tactics Ogre is one of them. Anyway, it seems like a crapshoot trying to figure out which game is going to sell for a lot of money in the far off future (which for me is 10 years time).