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"July 8, 2009 - MechWarrior fans have been hoping, praying and anticipating a new game in the famed franchise ever since the last expansion pack for MechWarrior 4 was released in 2002. Now, seven years later, their prayers have been answered. IGN has the very first details about MechWarrior reboot that is currently in production at Smith and Tinker and Piranha games. Yes, that's right, reboot. Instead of this game becoming MechWarrior 5, the developers have decided to completely re-launch the entire franchise, calling this new title MechWarrior.

We spoke to the two main players involved with MechWarrior. First there's Jordan Weisman, co-founder of Smith and Tinker and co-founder of FASA, the company that created the BattleTech universe that MechWarrior is based upon. Second is Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games. (For an in-depth discussion of the reboot and how it fits in the franchise, check out our exclusive interview.) "

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Xof3441d ago

This is the best gaming news I've heard in a very, very long time.

Game looks fantastic. (Who knows if the vid is gameplay or not, though). Looks like this one'll be falling in the footsteps of Mechwarrior 3, instead of 4--a very, very good thing.

The 3015 date throws me off a bit. I'm a bit fuzzy on my timeline, but doesn't that place it before the Clan invasion? Well, seeing the clan-invasion first hand in an expansion would be pretty badass, and this IS set in the old, classic setting instead of the "Dark Ages" crap.

I am very, very, very excited.

commodore643441d ago

Yeah i echo your sentiments.

I played MW3 and MW4 to death.
With so much graphics power 7 years on, this will be amazing!

Syronicus3441d ago

I hope. It looks great and the series needed a reboot IMHO. here's to looking forward to this title!

moses3441d ago


I've been waiting for this for the LONGEST TIME! I still play 3 and mercs once in a while :D!

ThanatosDMC3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Umm... i used to love Mechwarrior. But it's so dated and lame. Hell they just stood there and shot each other.

Armored Core is where it is at... whatever IT is.

MW is a tank game. But fighting other tanks with the same strength is just stupid. By that i mean, all players can acquire the strongest parts and weapons and end up being all alike.

In AC, i prefer high speed combat with dual machine guns with shoulder Primal Armor rectifiers.

They should have at least copied Steel Battalion. One of my favorite unique mech games. Yes, i have the big ass controller.

moses3441d ago

I kind of prefer the way Mechwarriors handle Mechs. They lumber around clumsily compared to their Japanese counter parts, but if anything that's a bit more realistic than the almost human Japanese "mechs".

evrfighter3441d ago

"They should have at least copied Steel Battalion"


you do realize mechwarrior started off as a pen and paper game right? Even in our imaginations Mechs didn't move around at the speed of gundams.

in other news...

Mechwarrior was my first online love. To this day mechwarrior 3 is the title that had me camping out in front of my pc almost every weekend. WoW never even did that for me. UA/c5/no heat was where you found me.

lol msn gaming that takes me back

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thereapersson3441d ago

And it's on PC. Keep this OFF consoles!

Jihaad_cpt3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

to bad its gonna be on the 360

Quote: 'The game is being developed for the PC and the Xbox 360, though there isn't any idea of a release date yet, since the game is still in the middle of development and the companies are still talking to publishers. For more information...'

3441d ago
Syronicus3441d ago

They all have PC's!


mxdan3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

If you have a strong PC, buy it over the 360 version.

- Better visuals
- Better (more customizable) controls
- More Support

Not that the 360 version won't be good, it's just that PC gaming has more luxuries in my opinion...

Xi3441d ago

You need a flight stick for the game.

onanie3440d ago

Which is how it was meant to be played anyway.

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KilZoneGeneralStrife3441d ago

I hope,the interiors become a next gen Steel Batallion.I cant see the vid.Im in college at the moment. Is there any ingame sections?

free2game3653441d ago

This is Mechwarrior, this is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH older than that Japanese crap

Xi3441d ago

And they show some of the interior in the mech.

Zhuk3441d ago

Only Xbox 360 and Games for Windows has the power to bring back the most beloved mech gaming franchise of the 1990s, Mechwarrior in true next generation fashion.

This will undoubtedly be the greatest Mechwarrior title since Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries thanks to the award winning features, unparalleled power and ease of development that Xbox 360 provides.

The PS3 is not being supported due to its poorly designed architecture and its flatlining sales making it an unattractive platform to develop for due to its high costs and low returns guaranteeing that publishers make a loss on that platform. This is just the beginning as more developers and publishers abandon the PS3 in favour of the Xbox 360 and PC.

Xbox 360 and Games for Windows, a winning combination for the future.

mxdan3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Would you listen to yourself, You sound like a spokesperson.

Stryfeno23441d ago

YESSSSS!!!! Finally...Now lets hope Crimson Skies 3 will be announced too.

vagisil3441d ago

patchstation your picture on here never gets old. funny as hell. i think that ps3 he is holding weighs more than he does!

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