BioWare Explains George Lucas' Involvement In Star Wars: The Old Republic

The visionary behind Star Wars, George Lucas, is still very much involved in every aspect of his baby, including the video games.

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PS360WII3388d ago

Wow so he pretty much just said he doesn't know but Lucas is probably involved...

SpoonyRedMage3388d ago

they can never be sure because Lucas is always there... lurking in the shadows... laughing maniacly...and counting his wads of money...

Christopher3388d ago

Just don't let him write and don't fall for his idea of adding a midichlorian measuring device into the game.

Darrius Cole3388d ago

Easily the worst idea in all of Star Wars.

TheAntiFanboy3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Arguably though, amongst all the bad concepts he introduced with the prequels, he also brought along a lot of cool things. Namely Coruscant, the Jedi Council, and the Republic. It may seem small, but he basically created room for twenty five millennia worth of potential historical events to be envisioned. He created a history for the Jedi.

Without the prequels, there would never have been a Galactic Republic. Without the Galactic Republic, there would never have been an old Republic. Without an old Republic, there would have never been Star Wars KOTOR.

For that, I thank him profusely.

kaveti66163387d ago

I agree Midichlorians are a bad idea, but there is a far worse idea, my friend.


Tony P3388d ago

Lots of Bioware articles today, I notice.

Jdoki3388d ago

I am hoping the answer is... 'No all'

Dexters3388d ago

Let's hope it's minimal!

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