GamePro: Dragon Age: Origins Preview

GamePro writes: "Dragon Age: Origins may not be exactly what fans of Mass Effect or Knights of the Old Republic are looking for in an RPG, what with its dark fantasy setting, but after playing it I would implore those gamers to at least give the game a look; it may surprise you, as it did me".

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jBat173481d ago

then this on the 20th.. where do i find the time for uncharted and ratchet?0 then gt psp with 900 cars to collect.. too many games.. lucky xbots, only a few good games means easier for them to allocate their time (seriously, good 3fixme game this fall = this and modern war 2)


its just a game. repeat that a few times.

Ravage273480d ago

don't miss out on Demon's Souls, seriously. I'm getting DragonAge but that's 'cause i've already completed DS