Famitsu's most wanted games

NE: "Famitsu has shared a list of the top 30 most wanted games across all platforms."

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knox3442d ago

im surprised that ff xiii beat out dq ix since thats cmoing out soon, but im looking forward to both games

mxdan3442d ago

Japan still doesn't like the 360 >_<.

N4PS3G3442d ago

Same amount of Wii & 360 games

I guess Japan doesn't like the Wii either

Ninver3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

@ n4ps3g

Your logic is flawed mate. Every time i log onto n4g i always see you posting illogical nonsense. How someone with your level of stupidity has that many bubbles is beyond me (multi accounts anyone?). Do you have a life outside your grandmothers basement or what bro? please enlighten us.

Jmlopezbr3442d ago

I am surprised too cause in Japan they like DQ more than FFs

SprSynJn3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

What are you getting all riled up for? He made a very good point. Just because 360 games are scarce on that list doesn't mean they don't like the system. The Wii is still the best selling console here, despite there not being many games that Famitsu subscribers desire. What proves popularity is sales of said system, not a list off a magazine. Keep your cool before you act the fool.

Syronicus3441d ago

It just shows that certain consoles have the games that Japanese folks like best and others don't. Heck, a ton of folks bought the Wii but it still doesn't mean that there are a ton of well loved games on it. The PS3 just happens to have the most popular games coming out on it for the Japanese crowd.

N4g_null3441d ago

You guys do realize they get this list for retailers and some people in the media right? This is not a japan wide survey. It would be like poling the guys over at nintendopad or gonintendo and asking what they like LOL.

Dragon quest will crush FF any day of the week over there. It simply has more respect.

PS360WII3441d ago

FFXII may be on top but lets not overlook that 3 out of the top 5 games are still Dragon Quest titles lol

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magicfrog3442d ago

10. The Last Remnant (PS3) - Square Enix
surprisely it still on top tenth
I think Japanese PS3 gamers already give up it

Critical_Hit3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Oh, how the people who voted for that are in for a rude awakening. I kind of feel sorry for the hopefuls who still think its coming.

Otherwise, its damn good to see The Last Guardian (Hitokui no Oowashi Trico) on that list (my #1 most anticipated game), considering it was just announced and there's only one trailer for it.

Ninver3442d ago

Man i wish Square would just hurry and release FF13 already. At this rate FFvs13 will be out before it lol.

SixTwoTwo3442d ago

PS3 - 9
NDS - 7
PSP - 5
Wii - 4
360 - 4
PS2 - 1

LOL @ #10

Aclay3442d ago

"10. The Last Remnant (PS3) - Square Enix"

LMAO!! It's just so funny that Japanese gamers still haven't forgotten about this game and it's still a pretty anticipated title after all this time. If Square released it on the PS3 in Japan, I don't see why it wouldn't sell an additional 400-500K over there because it sold like 200K+ on the 360 in Japanese sales.

There's really no need for Square to even release The Last Remnant for the PS3 in the West at this point, but by not releasing the game in Japan for the PS3 (in addition to all the other JRPG's they've released for the 360), they are obviously loosing out on a LOT of FREE money.

And once there's more actual solid info on Final Fantasy Versus XIII (hopefully at the Tokyo Game Show) with maybe a new trailer, I'm pretty sure it'll start climbing the list even more.

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