Square Enix Bans Players with a Green Thumb

If you've got a green thumb, you probably now have a sore thumb thanks to the Square-Enix banhammer. Gardeners across Final Fantasy XI have been complaining on fan forums that they've recently lost their accounts, only now tying the cause of their bans to their gardening activities.

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DNAgent3481d ago

I guess that will teach some of those players not to play mediocre RPGs by garbage companies like Square-Enix.


i guess it would explain your brain size..

Sarick3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

People where complaining about RMT this RMT that, Gil seller, gill buyer so SE made the STF. Not surprisingly it was very effective at cleaning house but now that it's cleaned up a lot of loopholes they continue to BAN and look for new things that could be used to make profits.

At some point they need to tack off. For starters they should be doing something about the spam tells from It's just sad wen things are finally to a good point where honest players can enjoy the game and they're still looking for ways to clean house even targeting the players who work hard to survive in this game.

FantasyStar3481d ago

So what you think you just explained is that Square-Enix is banning gil farmers?

Sarick3481d ago

I they're getting desperate now IMHO. Yea, going after players they think might be abusing the system. Gil farming in general is a target I remember getting reported killing low level mobs in a zone where no one was farming.

I got a GM tell, your being watched. << don't know what that was about but another player was in the zone just started competing for the same mobs I was farming for like 8 hours.

I responded with a few questions, and found out I was reported and it was a bot test. If I hadn't responded quickly i'd have been booted or even suspended.

Odd, though I was on a PS2 client so, how would I be using a BOT?

Prototype3481d ago

I remember when I first played 11 the only RMT was the Ext players, then over time there was other RMT that appeared claiming NM's and fishing. It turned from banning RMT into banning people who are ASSUMED to be RMT which I personally think is stupid.

I'm glad I quit 11, yes I have some fond memories about it however situations like this make me glad I quit when I did and not look back. Whats next, banning people for getting Utsusemi Ni every BCNM 40 run? Or how about banning BLM for doing KSNM 30 runs for 5 hours on a sunday night....SE is getting more and more stupid as time goes on with these bannings claiming its to balance gameplay and to ban RMT but there's a line between RMT bannings and just pure assumption. Ban people for cheating/exploiting/RMT not because you assume something.

Arnon3480d ago

Lol Brosale and Brogame now advertise within FFXI through /tells. Game should be called Financial Fantasy, as SE didn't think it out too well and caused every little aspect of the game to revolve around gil.

pamkhat3480d ago

RMT = real money trading

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mirroredderorrim3481d ago

If they let automated programs do their work on FFXIV, I'll avoid it altogether.

There is no use in putting work-like time into a game and have all your time and money wasted, because they are trying to mimic the real world, by keeping you from excelling, when it should be yourself/competition/NPC-boss encounters that should be the only things keep you from excelling.

NMC20073481d ago

Real garden variety there, I hope this isn't their Final Fantasy......XI. Sorry.

AhemZasan3481d ago

Just don't let it happen again.

Reibooi3481d ago

I had a friend who was banned a few days ago for RMT activity and she had no idea why and after reading this I can safely say that it was most likely gardening related. She had like 10 mules and was probably using them to garden vast amounts.

That said I think that alot of people who get banned for this in some way deserve it. Why pay additional monthly fees for all those mules to make a little more in game money when you could do something more productive like getting Beastmen seals and kindred seals and perhaps trying to get a good drop in a BCNM like a Kraken Club. A single club would more or less set a player for life and it's perfectly safe and legit.

Prototype3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Not everyone gets lucky on the BCNM/KSNM runs or gardening; I remember these few people who were lucky (not cheating, but just lucky) to get the Peacock charm every run; we'd randomize the order, go on certain moon phases, etc and every time get at least one Charm out of the run; I was lucky to even get Mannequin parts. However the flip side is I was able to get Utsusemi Ni 99% of the BCNM 40 runs which was an easy 300k+ at the time I quit, or sell god pop items for 500k+ it mostly depends on the person and how much time/effort they have devoted to playing the game. For the gardening side before an update it was almost guaranteed one of the ores for just planting a crystal on the corresponding moon phase and day, and harvesting it on that day (example plant a fire crystal on firesday and wait till harvest time on firesday to get it) and that was an easy 100k+ as well, however after that patch it was different things that made it less fun especially since real life came before anything in the game.

In my ls one rdm got the Kraken club the week I quit, which was the biggest accomplishment since I beat Maat as Ranger using a Fire Staff.

Blasphemy3481d ago

Why would you deserve getting banned from playing the game legitly? For me it was very hard to earn money in FF especially trying to do BCNM runs when you A don't have the seals or B can't find the people. Gardening was guaranteed money and it doesn't take much to do. You can earn millions of gil just by logging on for less then one hour a day just to check your plants depending on what you are planting.

Reibooi3481d ago

I have no problem with people gardening it's a great way to make money but these people who are getting banned are not just one person with 10 flower pots in their house they are people who have tons of mules all with max flower pots doing this over and over. Now legit player or not when you do that with that many characters OF COURSE you are gonna be mistaken for a gil seller.

The friend I mentioned who got banned for RMT activity had at least 8 mules and all of them were most likely used solely for gardening. When you do that it seems as if you are doing RMT because that's what the real RMT do as well. It's difficult for the task force to tell the difference between the two more so if it's the auto banner doing it. They most likely noticed that RMT were doing something like this and updated the auto banner to reflect that and players legit or not are getting caught in the cross fire. At the end of the day I think it's funner and more cost effective(I.E not paying 30+ bucks a month for all those mules.) to just play the game and have fun with it.

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