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N4g_null3391d ago

If these guys make this game right it will replace excite truck as my favorite arcade racer on the Wii. I like the style for some reason it has a hot wheels feel to it. Have you seen dirt 2 for the wii yet? It's going to be a pretty good port but I'm hoping this game take a lot more arcade skill to play.

SpoonyRedMage3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

This is the right thing to do EA. Instead of giving Wii owners a watered down port of the PS360 titles give us a unique title.

N4g_null3391d ago

After looking at these screens would it be really cool if some one took this style and made a new version of GTA with those cars and those cities and say forget realism lets make our own.

The graphics seem pretty solid the cell shading with a touch of realism is really popping on the Wii right now. This could be pretty good. GJ EA! Now if they can make the controls fun and who know add motion+ if they have to!