Bungie Pro Video Live

urk of Bungie writes:

"Bungie Pro originally launched right alongside a little game called Halo 3 in September, 2007, providing the community-at-large (that's you) with some extra server-side features that we can't offer to millions of ravenous players (that's you too) without charging a lit bit extra. The reception was overwhelming. To date, Bungie Pro has allowed players to create and share more Screenshots, Saved Films & Film Clips, and Game & Map Variants than we ever imagined. Launch-to-Date, over 84 million pieces of Halo 3 content have been shared through

84 Million!

But still, you demand more. And guess what? We're ready to deliver. Today we've incorporated some brand-spankin' new technology into Bungie Pro's existing suite of game-enhancing features. We call it Bungie Pro Video. And here's what you need to know."

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edhe3441d ago

But considering voice messages were originally part of seperate games in the first Live then it might be how this comes about too.

Imagine that live, as a service, offers you savegames & video uploads for all games that you play. That'd be nice. One of the features of PSN that is worthy of envy is the youtube upload API.