Multi-angle analysis of the 360 situation

A financial analyst says that Microsoft needs to "own up" to the "disastrous" money-losing Xbox business. However two games analysts tell Next-Gen that the analysis is short-sighted and Microsoft unsurprisingly agrees. Multi-angle analysis of the 360 situation inside…

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power of Green 4291d ago

Hmmm... Oh well! As long as i can play LOL LOL lol lol lol. Its seems we have a very worried 360 fan. Don't worry about it little fella.

nice_cuppa4291d ago

xbox isnt only about making money in the livingroom its about stopping sony taking over the livingroom.

if there was no 360 ps3 would be going head to head with pc !

microsoft wont let it happen.

if they lose 5 billion on xbox they dont care as they made 50 billion on there other stuff.

they just dont want to let sony turn ps3 into the new mac (but good).

4291d ago
PureGamer4291d ago

marionz is a little mug who needs to wake up. MS is losing money, so they are failing dont try and spin it. They may be making money on there software but the same can be said for Sony with there electronics. We are talking about there gaming console not there software.

DrRage774291d ago

so because microsoft is currently losing money, they are failing on the 360? so what exactly do you have to say about the ps3, which is losing MILLIONS more than the 360 did????

entering the video game market is extremely hard to do, and micrsoft jumped in and went head on with sony and playstation, which most thought was a joke. and now, we are seeing that microsoft and the xbox will probably have AT LEAST 30% or more of the console gaming market. they have a strategy, which is working, of increasing market share, and reducing costs each year. if blind sighted sony fans only look at the short-term with the 360, then why aren't they doing the same with the ps3, which is LOSING MARKET SHARE TO THE PS2!!!!!!

overrated4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

hmmm what do i have to say about the PS3 oh yes its failing. ye great but this article is not on the PS3 you retarded fanboy, take your head out of gates's arse for just a minute. The Xbox franchise is a failure, because its not bringing in the money. MS have not made money with the Xbox so what its somehow the best thing ever? give me a break. If it hurts so much then you really need to get a life. Oh and negro plz sony fans, prfff take that crock of shyte away.

QuackPot4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Micro$oft's foray into the game console industry is purely to monopolize it, just like with Winblow$ on the PC - and create a cash cow. They know about loses made in console sales and how they need to be made up in licencing. Now, the question is how long they are willing to stick it out and keep taking those loses?

The only way Micro$oft will win is if Sony concedes. This is not going to happen. Sony is still raking in millions with PS2 - an old gen h/w - which is still outselling next gen. And the PS3 is a more powerful machine.

Yes, 360's current and growing library is looking good. Hell, I'm a Sony fanboy but I'm still going to get a xbox(second hand)in 2 years to get my hands on Halo, Forza, Mass, Gears etc. I'm not in any hurry to get one as with my PS3 the games are coming which are just as good. Okay, maybe no Halo killer but that's why I'm going to have to buy that mongrel xbox. But when it's all said and done, these games are merely prolonging the end.

Okay, sony made monumental mistakes and got off to a bad start but the tide is clearly changing in their favour:

* PS3 library is growing - the great games are coming.
* PS3 net service improving - they have learnt from their mistakes.
* PS3 price will drop - as it always has with consoles.
* PS3 is a PC alternative - which the PS2 never was and which the 360 won't be.
* PS3 sales will increase - as the PS2 buyers eventually migrate.

Sony will not be conceding defeat especially when Little Big Planet arrives in 2008. This simple game will finally give PS3 victory because everyone who's anyone will want to play this game. It's simply great fun which is what gaming is all about. Also, User-created content is the future of games.

What is also the future is the PC Console(aka Home Entertainment Centre) - gaming, internet, productivity, media centre. Sony hasn't promoted the PS3 as a PC alternative yet, although it clearly is with Linux and FOSS such as Firefox, OpenOffice, NVU, The Gimp etc, installed.

Most PC users dont need a high spec pc. So it doesnt make sense to buy a PC and a console when you just need to buy one unit - the PC Console. Put your loyalties aside, this is obvious. And once people wake up to the idea of the PC Console then the war will finally be over. Ps3 is the very first PC Console and it certainly won't be the last.

So....Micro$oft will lose the war. The faster this happens, the faster they can simply focus on software development and port their great games to the PC Console victor. I can't wait to be playing Forza 4, Halo 5, Gears 4 on the PS4. Come on xbot fanboys. Open your eyes. You are merely prolonging things. Bring down micro$oft and stop them from monopolizing the industry. You will still get all those great games and exclusives you rant on about. But they'll all just be on a different and superior piece of hardware....which is how you should be judging a console's merit, by the way.