Windows Vista flops in China

Despite a population of over a billion, so far Microsoft has only managed to sell a grand total of 244 copies in 2 weeks of release. This is despite spending millions on advertising including a 421 meter ad on the Jin Mao tower in Shanghai.

However, piracy is one of the main reasons for the lack of sales, as an illegal copy can be bought for only 1 dollar and Microsoft's advertising is only helping pirates sell more.

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nice_cuppa4202d ago

200,000,000 vista users in china ???

AAAAaarrrrrr !

.........................sorr y !

BIadestarX4202d ago

no one buys sotfware in china... not only vista is afected by this... what can u expect from a communist country... where the gov is god.

nix4201d ago

and the same will be the fate of every other software or hardware companies... governments need to curb all these piracy practices... sigh!

ItsDubC4201d ago

This may come as a surprise, but I don't think China is a third-world country. China has one of the fastest-growing economies right now.

PureGamer4201d ago

lol they are probaly just donwloading it for free.

but cmon that is funny ha ha ha. 244 copies lmao.

calderra4201d ago

As said, this ien't about Vista sales, it's about the rampant piracy. I'm sure Adobe Photoshop sells like 1 copy/year there, yet I bet millions more use it.

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The story is too old to be commented.