Hooked Gamers: The Conduit Review

Hooked Gamers writes: "Playing The Conduit was a unique experience. During my time in the game I saw it change from mediocre to outstanding, frustration turned to elation. Let me tell you my story with a game that made me feel like Dr. Jekyll when I started, and Mr. Hyde when I finally saw the end credits."

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Shnazzyone3386d ago

This review is AWFUL! It is seperated into three segments... talking about hating singleplayer controls, Discovering he can change the controls (duh) and enjoying singleplayer. Concluding that it's not terrible and pretty decent. Seriously this guy says he fixed the game by changing the controls while giving the devs little credit.

Also could this guy have at least touched discussing the multiplayer. He seemed to write this with total ignorance that it even exists in this title.

I'm glad he gave it an 8 which is on par with my opinion but if this guys opinion is so muddled and incoherent... do i want it. Some part of me is somewhat unsure he actually played it. Oh well it is a lil bump to conduits meta even if it's from an incompetent reviewer... welcome to the internet.